Introverts Guide to Blogging Conferences

Blogging conference season is well under way.  There are a ton of conference guides out there and I wouldn't dare to duplicate them, but I haven't seen one out there for introverts.  As a member of that "tribe", I can tell you that you can successfully attend a blogging conference, make connections and contacts while still keeping your sanity. So I've created this Introverts Guide to Blogging … [Read more...]

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7 things Scarlett O’Hara taught me about life

On the anniversary of Gone With The Wind, I thought I'd share an updated version of this post. I am a huge fan of the book and the movie, particularly Scarlett O’Hara. So much so that I used to read essays and college thesis papers that deconstructed the novel and detailed character analyses of Scarlett! Many women, particularly feminist, would question my admiration for Scarlett O'Hara. … [Read more...]

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POV: Bloggers to Brands – focus on the influenced

As I mentioned in this past Saturday Six, I attended the Radian6 User Conference (Social2011) in Boston last week. Radian6 is a social media engagement tool that allows companies (or agencies) to listen, measure and engage with their customers across the entire social web.  It is an enterprise tool and the audience was made up of companies large and small as well as agencies that work with them.  … [Read more...]

J'adore #12

Today's J'adore is dedicated to iPhone apps. I am very particular about the apps that I have one my phone.  Like everything in life I follow the French philosophy of quality over quantity.  But recently I have run into a few that I really adore! Two of these are thanks to Food Gal where I spotted the following apps about what, of course!  Those are my kind of apps!  This first one is … [Read more...]

French Friday – Sales in France

This week we are at the midway point of the January sales season, or les soldes. Sales periods are regulated in France by the government (imagine!). Stores may not have sales any time they want, although in the last few years stores have been allowed to have unofficial sales or promotions. In reality, the amount of the discounts for these promotions are no where near what occurs during the … [Read more...]

French Friday – Fashion

In honor of this past Wednesday being Coco Chanel's birthday, I thought I would talk a little bit about French fashion. Not my normal type of topic, but it is certainly one I have read about, observed first hand and discussed with my husband at nauseam. My husband always says that there are two things that the French are undefeated champions at: luxury goods (clothing, hand bags, and perfume to … [Read more...]

ROI of Relationships

I have never been one to have a large group of friends. I had a small group of friends in high school and college and that suited me just fine. They are not the same people that I am friends with today, but it's hard to tie me down to a place, so that makes sense. I believe in quality not quantity so that people that I let into the "inner circle" are few and far between. Unless you are talking … [Read more...]