5 Awesome Things to Photograph in Osaka

Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Group. As always, all experiences and opinions are my own. I've often written that Paris has my heart. But I bet you didn't know that Japan has my soul. My husband often jokes that I was Asian in another life, and my love of Japanese culture and food certainly serves as a testament to that. Throughout my … [Read more...]

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7 Things to Do in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

It was a total fluke that we found the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. We were Googling "RV parks in San Diego" and The Springs at Borrego RV Resort, where we ended up staying, came up. Which led us to Anza-Borrego.  Given that it is the largest park in the continuous 48 states (there must be something bigger in Alaska...) I find it odd that so many people (I checked) have never heard of … [Read more...]

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Weekly Wanderings #1 – Borrego Springs

Last Friday, January 15th was the official start of Project Escape, our year long adventure to escape corporate America; the expensive and crowded state of California; and reorient our life a bit. January 1 would have been a much cooler date to start, but with our Thanksgiving trip to France (to explain to my mother-in-law what the hell we would be doing the next year); an unexpected return trip … [Read more...]

New York in Black and White

Some photos just scream to be processed in black and white. So like Kyoto I leave you with a few parting shots of New York in 50 shades of.... High-Line Alley: Brooklyn Bridge: Silicon Alley: The Met: St. Patrick's Cathedral and Atlas Are you a fan of black and white photography? … [Read more...]

Kyoto in Black and White

Similar to the Paris in HDR post I did last September, I thought I would share a series of Kyoto photos Mr. Misadventures and I took in black and white, because sometimes an image just begs to be presented that way! All these photos are from various temples we visited during our week-long stay.  There are 2000 temples and shrines, too many to see in a lifetime, but so worth … [Read more...]

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Traveler Tuesday – David of Death to the Stock Photo

We all hate stock photography, but it is kind of a necessary evil.  I deal with it with my day job all the time.  I use stock photography here as well and try to be as selective as possible. Now there is something new and exciting.  I joined Death To The Stock Photography several months ago because (a) their photos are GORGEOUS and (b) I love their attitude. Every month I get 10 beautiful … [Read more...]

San Francisco by Night Part 2

Thank you for checking this page out! I have consolidated this content into a single post about San Francisco photos at night. You can find it here. [Photo by Sel & Poivre Photography]   Save … [Read more...]

San Francisco by Night – Great Spots to Photograph the City

San Francisco is a beautiful city. San Francisco by night, even more so. It has amazing views with lots of things to capture.  I am constantly seeking new ways to see the places I visit often and that includes San Francisco. And while I sometimes struggle to find ways to express this difference, Mr. Misadventures seems to have a knack for it when it comes to photos. Seeking out interesting ways … [Read more...]

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Paris in HDR

After two days of non-stop activities including an evening tour at the Orsay, a baguette class at La Cuisine Paris, a treasure hunt in the Louvre which was followed by another adventure with Kasia's Mom at the Fragonard perfume museum and drinks at Verjus with Lindsey, Daisy and Kasia (plus her mom and hubby) our third day in Paris was devoted to just taking in Paris with no agenda. We were … [Read more...]

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Wicked WideAngle App (now you can get too)!

It's here! The Wide Angle App that I have been playing with over the last month is now available (for those in the know...hint, YOU!) in the iTunes store. I've had a lot of fun playing around with this and learning about all its potential on the Wide Angle App blog. Particularly all the awesome ways I can remix photos - believe me, I have been sucked in for hours playing with all the various … [Read more...]