Photo of the Day: Fleur-de-Lys #7 Paris

Location: Rue de Bretagne, Paris, France. … [Read more...]

Peeking in on La Cuisine Paris

While walking along the Seine having just finished my Baguette to Bistro tour and killing time before my The Bobo Palate tour a few hours later I got a tweet from Jane of La Cuisine Paris inviting me to stop by and visit.  Jane had sent several very supportive tweets in December in support of my small business Saturday series and I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet her. After those sweet … [Read more...]

The Bobo Palate: Context Travel Paris Food Tour

I explained all the background of how it took me two years to finally get myself signed up to do some Context Travel tours in the post I did earlier this week about my first tour, Baguette to Bistro.  I spent the morning with the incomparable Meg Zimbeck, the tour docent, as well as founder, editor and contributor to one of my favorite food blogs, Paris by Mouth.  The tour was fabulous and after … [Read more...]

Baguette to Bistro: Context Travel Paris Food Tour

Shortly after the Parisian Bloggers Meet-up in October of 2009, where I met Lily of Context Travel, Mr. Misadventures and I read a little blurp in Business Week (followed by an article in Condé Nast Traveler) about the concept of context travel and remarked that finally this was the way to do a "tour."  Not those obnoxious things with thirty people getting on a bus, stopping at a monument and … [Read more...]

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Paris Bites – Angelina’s Croque Madame

With me recovering from food poisoning this week, food was far from being my number one priority. Nonetheless, it was a tough choice this week. Which one of the nearly 100 food photos over a course of four days of eating do I highlight from Paris?  In the end, I went with the Croque Madame from Angelina. I lived in France for three years, have visited Paris a dozen times but had never had this … [Read more...]

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Lola's Cookies – Just may be THE reason to move to Paris

I have interviewed my friend Lindsey (of Lost in Cheeseland) and her partner Chloe about their Parisian-based cookie and brownie business, Lola's Cookies before.  And I have given a few dozen away to lucky Parisians in support of their brand new endeavor.  But seeing as I don't actually live in Paris (dommage!) I have never had the opportunity to taste them myself. Until last weekend. And now I … [Read more...]