Paris in HDR

After two days of non-stop activities including an evening tour at the Orsay, a baguette class at La Cuisine Paris, a treasure hunt in the Louvre which was followed by another adventure with Kasia's Mom at the Fragonard perfume museum and drinks at Verjus with Lindsey, Daisy and Kasia (plus her mom and hubby) our third day in Paris was devoted to just taking in Paris with no agenda. We were … [Read more...]

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#Reverb11 March 2010

I seemed to have somehow missed the prompts for the first two months of Reverb 2011, I started participating in #Reverb10 in December, but when I got stuck without access to my blog while I was in China, I decided to abandon it. I do like the spirit of the project and look forward to responding to the prompts for the remainder of the year leading up to December's daily challenge again. This … [Read more...]

Sex and The City Paris

Despite the fact that Sex and The City has been over for a decade I always have it on the brain. With the movie coming out in two weeks and me watching the series on my commute, there's little wonder! Bear with me, it will be over soon. [Update 2017] Those words were written four years ago, yet this post remains my most visited post ever.  So, I feel it is my obligation as a lifelong Sex and … [Read more...]

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View from Pont Neuf

Saturday Six will be back next week when I return from Paris.   Here is a lovely view from Pont Neuf as my husband and I walked from Les Jardin Tuileries to our hotel in Montparnasse (LONG walk!).  The color of the sky was gorgeous! The weather has been crisp, with rain off and on, this was taken at about 4:00 p.m. … [Read more...]