5 Awesome Things to Photograph in Osaka

Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Group. As always, all experiences and opinions are my own. I've often written that Paris has my heart. But I bet you didn't know that Japan has my soul. My husband often jokes that I was Asian in another life, and my love of Japanese culture and food certainly serves as a testament to that. Throughout my … [Read more...]

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Osaka Scenes

We only spent two-and-a-half days in Osaka after Kyoto.  Most of that time was spent in Kuromon-Ichiba Market, taking photos of architecture like Namba Parks and buildings like Umeda Sky Building.  Of course, I did a lot of people watching too!  There is much more to do in Osaka, we didn't visit any temples or shrines of which there are plenty.  Nor did we visit the Osaka Castle. Those will have … [Read more...]

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People Watching in Osaka

Like my experiences in Tokyo, I have to say one of the best things about Osaka is people watching!  Of course I love to people watch everywhere, but most especially in Japan.  I have always admired the way the Japanese express themselves in fashion, often unapologetically. And it is not just "teenagers," I saw interesting outfits on people in every age group. Let's take a look. I know what … [Read more...]

Osaka – Umeda Sky Building

Another spot in Osaka that Mr. Misadventures was interested in taking photos from was the famous Umeda Sky Building. In the morning we had visited the very unique Namba Parks buildings, but Umeda Sky Building is a whole other animal. The building consists of two 40-story towers that are connected with each other by the "Floating Garden Observatory" on the 39th floor at top with bridges and … [Read more...]

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Osaka – Namba Parks

"We're going to a mall."  It was 8 a.m. and Mr. Misadventures had just indicated we were going shopping. Something wasn't right. Had my hubby whacked his head?  I am not much of a shopper and this is how all the shopping centers had looked like thus far: So I wasn't exactly jumping for joy when I heard shopping mall!  I really should have known better.  Mr. Misadventures wasn't really … [Read more...]

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Osaka’s Kuromon-Ichiba Market

After five days in Kyoto, we headed to Osaka on the regional train.  I didn't know what to expect of Osaka, quite frankly I had spent most of my time researching Kyoto.  Osaka was mainly a transition point for us as that is where we flew in and out of. After two and a half-days in Osaka, I have come to the conclusion that it is a mini-Tokyo.  I apologize to all my friends in Tokyo and anyone in … [Read more...]

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Capture the Colour 2013 – A Journey Through Travel Photos

It's back! Last year Mr. Misadventures and I had so much fun looking through our thousands of photos to participate in the 2012 version of Capture the Colour.  When my darling friend, Andi Perullo of My Beautiful Adventures nominated me in her post, I was raring to go! Capture the Colour is a photo blogging challenge hosted by TravelSupermarket.com. And while I’d love to win the £3,000 travel … [Read more...]