Locals I Love – Rogue Ales & Spirits

You only need to spend a short amount of time in Oregon to see that beer is a huge passion here. There are breweries everywhere! I think you can spend a lifetime trying to taste them all, at least a couple of years. I tasted about a dozen in the span of 30 minutes and I'd say going with the over-time route is probably better for your liver! Not counting this year off, I've worked in … [Read more...]

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Exploring the Oregon Coast

For years while living in the San Francisco Bay Area I wanted to take a road trip up the Oregon coast.  Mr. Misadventures and I had planned several one-to-two week trips, but when it came time to pull the trigger we were always lured back to Europe. Last year when we bought the RV I knew that I was finally going to get the trip I wanted. We spent five weeks slowly climbing the coast. We started … [Read more...]

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Weekly Wanderings #29 – Oregon Coast, Newport/Garibaldi

On Friday we moved from Newport further north to Garibaldi, just outside of Tillamook. The ten days we spent in Newport were very, very quiet. One highlight was visiting the Rogue Ales Headquarters and I will be writing a post about this amazing brewery and distillery soon. We also visited the aquarium, small but well done. Otherwise, we did a big spring cleaning both inside and … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #28 – Oregon Coast, Newport

After more than six months on the road nothing should surprise me anymore when it comes to RV sites. I tell you, each time we move, its truly an adventure - along with lots of misadventures - as to the quality of the place that will be our home for the week, a couple of weeks, or even a month. No matter how beautiful a site looks on a website, or how many great reviews it gets, the only way to … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #27 – Oregon Coast, Florence

Bandon was really beautiful, the rock formations on the beaches kept Mr. Misadventures entertained for hours. The town has a cool vacation vibe, the weather is absolutely perfect (for the Misadventures family) and the seafood is delectable. We've been eating rock fish and Chinook salmon almost everyday. Dungeness crab just about every other. We missed the whole dungeness season that we normally … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #26 – Oregon Coast, Bandon

This is the Oregon coast in the summer!  It's actually 65 degrees, but the wind makes it a lot colder! We just had a lovely picnic lunch in the sun (tomatoes are back in season!) and decided to walk on the beach to get a little exercise.  This is why I carry and wear layers all the time.  Underneath my jacket hood is a ski cap.  Ten minutes earlier I just had a t-shirt! Don't get me wrong, we … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #25 – Oregon Coast, Brookings

For the past few years I've wanted to drive from San Francisco to Seattle via the Oregon coast. Now we're doing it! But very slowly. We'll be on the coast traveling north for the next five weeks, getting over to the Portland area mid-August. We were very happy to escape the mosquitoes. The night Mr. Misadventures did a sunset shoot (and I stayed in the car) he missed spraying the upper right … [Read more...]