A Few of My Favorite Things – Holiday Gift Guide

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from friends and fans of the Misadventures with Andi community. I think it is important to support small businesses particularly during the holiday season! Take a peek and consider these unique gifts for your holiday list.  Share your thoughts and support for the blog.  Every comment (up to five) between now and Dec 15th will be an entry to win $100 … [Read more...]

Holiday Highlight: Oliveira Bags

Back for another Holiday Highlight, this time it's my cousin...my blog my rules...a little nepotism I know, but her products are wonderful, especially for busy and eco-conscious moms! I have previously interviewed OliveiraBags owner, Mandy Oliveira, at the beginning of November when I promoted her wonderfully handcrafted products (check it out to learn more about Mandy). At that time we … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday 2011

Today is the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday supported by American Express. It is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses all over the country and the world during the busiest shopping weekend of the year (in the U.S.). They are asking people to shop small at your favorite local stores to help fuel the economy. I am a huge believer in this initiative and it is something I support … [Read more...]

OlivieraBags Giveaway

My grandmother (on my Mom's side) was one of eight children. My Dad's side is nothing to sneeze at either. What that means is that I have a whole bunch of Great Aunts and Uncles and tons and tons of cousins.  With that many of us around there are bound to be whole bunches of really talented people hanging out on the extended branches of the family tree! I was so pleased when Mandy, married to … [Read more...]