Hawaii Collection – Oh my, Hawaii!

I've been blessed to have been to Hawaii four times in the last couple of years (and I am due for another trip).  There is nothing quite like this island paradise. It breath-taking, relaxing, fun, tasty.  You can be adventurous as you want, explore the local cultures and foods, or do absolutely nothing and just enjoy the tropical breezes. I know the East Coast has the Caribbean and I've … [Read more...]

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Waikiki SPAMJam 2015

SPAMJam. What can I say? It was an incredible experience! I am so thankful to Outrigger Resorts for graciously inviting me to discover what can only be described as a food extravaganza of the highest order! There are doubters. I had many questions on Instagram asking: “is SPAM really a big deal? Does SPAM really taste good?” To all these questions I say: YES! Except for the island of … [Read more...]

Hawaii’s Joie de Vivre Hotels – Eco-conscious Efforts

It's always nice to stay in a great hotel. After a day of adventuring or shopping, or if you are like me, eating, you come to a place that is warm and welcoming (or cool and hip, depending on your preference) with a clean room and a made bed. Sometimes there is a little treat like a bottle of wine or freshly squeezed fruit juice and that just makes your day. You continue to come and go as you … [Read more...]

Pau Hana Market Waikiki

After a gallon of wine tasting with Colgin Cellars and Kermit Lynch I needed food!  Right around the corner from the Halekulani hotel where the wine events had taken place is a new food truck area called Pau Hana Market Waikiki.  Currently with seven trucks and more to come you, this food truck court offers a great way to sample the local Hawaiian food scene with ramen, loco moco and lunch plates … [Read more...]

The Modern Honolulu

Hot. Hip. Happening. Usually not words associated with me.  But DEFINITELY accurate descriptions for The Modern Honolulu hotel in Oahu, Hawaii. There are a lot of older, well established hotels in Waikiki, and then there's the Modern.  A single location property, the owners have a singular focus: great design, great service. I am very fond of both. When I arrived at the hotel, I knew … [Read more...]

Corks and Forks with Hawaiian Airlines

After an outstanding morning drinking world-class wine with Colgin Cellars and Kermit Lynch and an afternoon partially sleeping off all that outstanding, world-class wine, I was super excited for the weekend’s main (sold out) event, the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival Corks & Forks party, this year presented by Hawaiian Airlines, my gracious host for the weekend.  I could not wait to try … [Read more...]

From HFWF14 – Kermit Lynch

Kermit Lynch is a Berkeley icon.  A San Francisco Bay Area icon.  A wine icon. So with Bruce Neyers of Kermit Lynch as host/panelist for the Masters of Chardonnay session at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, it was my civic (Berkeley) duty to attend! Steadfastly stubborn in his opinion on Italian and French wines being the best in the world, there are no other varietals of wine in his … [Read more...]

From HFWF14 – Colgin Cellars

Colgin Cellars is one of those elusive wineries in Napa Valley.  A vineyard with history, a winemaker with passion, and limited supply.  They produce just shy of 3000 cases a year, half of them sold to wine club members (there is a 3-year waiting list) and half of it sold to restaurants, including a handful of 2 and 3 Michelin starred ones in France. It is elusive and exclusive. At its helm … [Read more...]

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Lunch at Hawaiian Airlines

Today I flew from Oakland to Oahu to attend the 2014 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. In the San Francisco Bay Area it is so convenient to fly to the Hawaiian islands!  And there is no other way to fly than Hawaiian Airlines (seriously, my opinion!). When I landed in Oahu I was invited to have lunch at the Hawaiian Airlines Headquarters.  Hawaiian Airlines has generously sponsored my flight to … [Read more...]

Interview with Hawaiian Airlines Chef Chai

Last time I went to Hawaii in March I flew Hawaiian Airlines for the first time and had a really great experience.  One of the things I was completely unaware of was the fact that I would be served a meal while on my flight....for FREE! You heard me right.  There is still an airline, one, Hawaiian Airlines that serves meals to their passengers for no charge. For me it is the epitome of one of … [Read more...]