French Friday – Revist Beuvron-en-Auge: There are friendly French people!

There are friendly French people, but you might have to leave Paris to meet them! I recently had the pleasure of meeting the friendliest Frenchman in the world. I don’t know his name but I will never forget him. He was the master of La Cave de Beuvron, a “temple du ‘bon manger" in Normandy. He happily welcomed my husband and I and instantly recognized fellow gourmands, not only of food, but … [Read more...]

Misadventures in France 2010 – Part 3

Day 3 still at the Manoir I mentioned in Part 2, we woke at a reasonable hour and headed down for breakfast as it was supposed to be included in our room charge. Only no one came to serve us. There were boxes of dried cereal, a single croissant and half a pastry on a plate. There were glasses for juice and cups for coffee, but no one came to assist us. We even called into the home, but to no … [Read more...]

Misadventures in France 2010 – Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here. We left the exceptional ‘Les jardins d’epicure’ and headed on our way to Normandy, it was a two hour drive, but we had plenty of time to kill as we would not be able to check into our next lodging until the afternoon. We decided to head to Honfleur and then Deauville. We drove through Honfleur along the coast, but did not stop. We had been … [Read more...]