Tuscany Beyond Gelaterias

I bet that once in Florence you will go crazy with the variety of gelaterias (ice cream shops) and the most unimaginable ice cream flavours: liquorice, cappuccino, mint&chocolate, not to mention the ones inspired by the most popular Italian chocolates bacio (literally kiss), ferrero rocher… Italians, though, when thinking of Florence and food do not necessarily have ice cream in mind, because … [Read more...]

Codfish in Lisbon, a must-try!

Portuguese cuisine is rich and varied due to the colonial past of Portugal. Many types of spices are used to make the dishes as tasty as can be: cinnamon, saffron, the piripiri to only name a few. The Portuguese are masters in preparing both meat and seafood, but personally I prefer the latter as I’m fond of the omnipresent codfish-bacalhau, in any of its variations. According to Wikipedia … [Read more...]

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