Music Memory Monday – Bizarre Love Triangle

This week I am taking back in high school, well my high school years any way. I was a Journey/Bruce Springsteen kind of girl, there were a few Duran Duran songs that I liked, but for the most part I did not dig on the Pet Shop Boys/Tears for Fears/Depeche Mode, that was more my sister. And as it turns out, when my family moved to Steilacoom, Washington where I would continue high school as a … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – Journey’s Lights

This series was inspired by an old blogging friend's post on Transient Travels. "When music takes you places" posted in 2009 and I ran my own series for several weeks that year.  I have updated my posts and am re-running them now as these songs and the memories they evoke are timeless. Journey's Lights As I have mentioned numerous times, I grew up an Army brat, meaning we moved around a lot. I … [Read more...]

Music – Day 3 of 30 Days of Indie Travel Project

I didn't think abut how hard it would be to keep up on daily prompts for the 30 Days of Indie Travel travel writing series while I was traveling (how ironic, right?). This is a series sponsored by Boots N All on the topic of travel and I am currently traveling with no laptop, I was out and about yesterday and did not think about how it might be inconvenient to try to blog from my iPad. But alas, … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – Top Gun

Okay, I had basically retired this series, but the soundtrack to Top Gun was the first soundtrack that I really sat up and took notice about so I thought it was important enough to resurrect! I have early memories of listening to my parent's Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (on 8-track!) but the Top Gun soundtrack became part of my daily existence during the summer of 1986 when I was sweet … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – Seven Years

It's been a while since I've done one of these.  At least a month. Yikes! While I was catching up on all the posts everyone wrote while I was in Paris and exploring new blogs from recent new visitors, I ran across a post that Kristine over at Living Luxuriously With Less wrote where she talked about a Natalie Merchant song that reminds her of finding serenity and peace in simple things.  Her post … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – Rock Me Tonite

So Thursday night was the launch of my project at work (yay!) and I was up way, way later than I would normally be. I was doing testing, but had to wait between tweaks so I was passing the time a bit on Twitter when this tweet came through on my timeline. Intrigued, I click the link to find this video. Instant flashback. 1984. Freshmen year of high school. MTV. That video was s-e-x-y. I … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – Beastie Boys

On the plane home from Las Vegas yesterday I was flipping through TV channels (I love you Virgin America) when I stumbled across VH1 and some band singing a Beastie Boys song in tribute to them. I am not a rap fan, and was never really fan of the Beastie Boys except for one weekend during my junior or senior (I can't remember which) year of high school. The weekend was a "Just Say No To Drugs" … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – Crazy for You

Ahhh, my first high school crush. Remember yours? 1984-1985, a freshman in one of the biggest high schools in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. I was a little tiny fish in a big pond. Thank goodness we moved to Washington state for my sophomore through senior years where I was 1 of 147, much better environment. But I digress... My freshman year of high school I was a member of the Flag Corps. So … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – With Arms Wide Open

Music provokes all kinds of memories.  Some good.  Some bad. For me, the bad serve their purpose in the form of reminders or life lessons. Recently I have been working on a project that requires me to do data entry for several hours a day, it's a temporary situation, but needless to say quite boring. To make the time pass more quickly I have been listening to my full collection on iTunes. Buried … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – Moonlight Lady

For a few months in my junior or senior year of high school (see there is that memory thing again, I am losing it fast!) I had a part time job playing records for a dance teacher who taught dance lessons several nights a week at local Lion's Clubs. Most of the music I played was Lawrence Welk, Frank Sinatra, that kind of stuff. But one song that stood out from the rest was a Julio Iglesias number … [Read more...]