5 Things Johnny Depp Taught Me About Life

With the opening of the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, I'd thought I'd update this post from March 2010. Despite Johnny Depp's many highs and lows the lessons he's taught me about life remain true to this day. Johnny Depp has been in my life a long time.  I, like most other Gen X girls, adored him from the moment he appeared in 21 Jump Street.  With my father begrudgingly … [Read more...]

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7 things Scarlett O’Hara taught me about life

On the anniversary of Gone With The Wind, I thought I'd share an updated version of this post. I am a huge fan of the book and the movie, particularly Scarlett O’Hara. So much so that I used to read essays and college thesis papers that deconstructed the novel and detailed character analyses of Scarlett! Many women, particularly feminist, would question my admiration for Scarlett O'Hara. … [Read more...]

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5 Things Star Trek Taught Me About Life

The third installment of JJ Abrams' Star Trek series lands in theaters this week and as a big fan, I am super excited. I think they have done a great job staying true to the original series, enough to satisfy most Star Trek fans, while also being creative. I think the cast was well chosen (so sad about the loss of Anton Yelchin who played Chekov), and despite some weaknesses in the stories, … [Read more...]

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J’adore #58 – Book Edition

The fall is an amazing time of year for books, it is high season for releases and it is perfect timing for the holidays.  Everyone has a bookworm in their family.  In my case, my entire family is nuts for books! These days we are shifting more to digital, it is just more convenient when it comes to traveling, but I still love certain books - cookbooks, history books - in my hand.  The tactile … [Read more...]

Americashire: A Field Guide to a Marriage

Sometimes you pick a book and you find yourself immediately drawn to a character. You know you would be instant girlfriends in real life.  That is how I felt when I began reading Americashire: A Field Guide to a Marriage.  It was like sitting down with author Jennifer Richardson at a cafe or wine bar and catching up with someone I had not seen in awhile. Americashire is the story of Jennifer's … [Read more...]

It’s Oscars® Week!

Today I am heading to Los Angeles for the week leading up to the Academy Awards® show (tune in live on Oscar Sunday, Feb 24th 7 EST/4PST).  I'll be on the ground all week as a roving reporter for my employer. Bonus is, I'll be sharing here too!  I am interrupting regular format content (for the most part) to bring you a daily update on my adventures (or misadventures).  Technically speaking, I am … [Read more...]

Chique Restaurants You Must Visit In Milan

I am so pleased to be hosting Barbara Conelli, author of Chique Secrets of Dolce Amore, today on Misadventures of Andi. I am especially grateful to her for changing my mind on a city I had dismissed a long time ago. Sometimes you need to give a place a second chance and after reading Barbara's book, that is exactly what I am going to do with Milan! A woman after my own heart, she is wooing me … [Read more...]

Road Trip Report Washington DC a.k.a Dossier: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Launch Event Part 2

Part 1 of my recent roadtrip detailed the first half of my adventures in Washington DC for the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol DVD and blu-ray release.  [Go back and read it!] Later on in the day, after the interviewing sessions with Director Brad Bird and technical expert Dale Shelton, there was a panel discussion with four ex-spies and Mr. Shelton. All four of these 30-plus year veterans … [Read more...]

Road Trip Report Washington DC a.k.a Dossier: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Launch Event Part 1

I love movies.  So the fact that I work at a company that has an immense history with the movie making industry is a real bonus.  During my tenure at my job I've been to the Grammy's twice;  I've been to a couple of film festivals; interviewed several members of the cast of Dexter as well as a few other events.  I don't share that to brag, but to express how lucky I am that my work involves two … [Read more...]

Connections, a GRAMMYs Story

Last year a wrote about connections.  I am fascinated by them.  The silliest things can tie two strands together to make a connection and it happens all the time.  The connections are not straight lines but rather pieces that thread out all over. The strands become the web that makes your life and your story. In this case the strand is created by a Katy Perry ice sculpture. I know, I have to … [Read more...]