My afternoon at the Louvre with THATLou

After a wonderful cooking class at La Cuisine Paris where I learned to make baguettes, I headed over to the Louvre to meet my girlfriend Kasia of Love in the City of Lights and new friend Daisy De Plume.  I was excited to meet Daisy in person and experience her creation, THATLou.  I introduced you to Daisy when she participated in my Passion for Paris series as well as sharing THATLou in a French … [Read more...]

French Friday – THATLou

A few weeks ago Daisy de Plume visited us to share her passion for Paris.  In that post I mentioned Daisy's other passion, THATLou, a business she is running during her free time from her regular job and family life - pretty amazing.  I wanted to share more about Daisy's exciting project.  I for one cannot wait to try it out and hope to coordinate a future trip around one of her events! (1) … [Read more...]

French Friday – Non to McMona Lisa!

Still having crazy weeks at work which will continue through out October, so no time for a longer FF post. I am sad to report that McDonald's will be moving into a spot in the Carrousel du Louvre, which is an underground shopping center within the Louvre complex. The architecture of this shopping center is very nice and completely in line with the museum.  The shops are small, upscale (with the … [Read more...]