Gastronomic London: Context Travel London Tour

When I found out I would be traveling to London on business and that I would arrive on Saturday not starting work until Monday, the first thing I did was go to the Context Travel website to see what I could book for Sunday.  There right before my eyes was Gastronomic London beckoning and I promptly signed up. The weather was supposed to cloudy with sprinkles, but for the second day in a row it … [Read more...]

Misadventures in Macarons

I don't like macarons. There. I said it. I might now be banned from the francophile club! It is not for lack of trying.  I have tried macarons in Paris.  I have tried macarons in Tokyo.  I have tried macarons in San Francisco and San Diego. I still am not fan. This morning I found myself at 10:30 on Victoria Street in London staring into a Ladurée's window.  One that was empty except for the … [Read more...]