Live A Great Story

While Mr. Misadventures and I were cruising around the Salton Sea, I snapped this image of an abandoned building in Bombay Beach.  At the time I remarked about the sign that read "Live A Great Story" (in black towards the middle).  I posted the photo to Instagram and someone kindly commented to let me know that this was a real thing.  That there was an actual story behind the #liveagreatstory sign … [Read more...]

Cruising around the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea story is a long one.  It ebbs and flows with many victories and defeats. There is a very detailed explanation about its natural history on Wikipedia, I won't repeat it here.  There is a briefer and more interesting version of its cultural history with great vintage photos on the Salton Sea Museum site. The truth is, this place is fascinating. There have been railroad towns, a … [Read more...]

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