Bread Baking Class at La Cuisine Paris

After a wonderful evening at the Orsay Museum the first night we arrived in Paris, we woke up feeling, well, hungry!  We headed out to breakfast at Angelina's, not the cheapest breakfast in town, but a treat nonetheless.  We didn't want to wander too far as we were headed up the street along the Seine to the beautiful La Cuisine Paris cooking school so that we could learn to make … [Read more...]

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French Friday – Entrepreneurial Americans in Paris

The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the characteristics I like most about Americans.  And while I don't think it is uniquely American, I think we do it best.  I think this is exceptionally illustrated by a few very enterprising ladies living in Paris.  I think it particularly spectacular to do this in an environment that isn't all that business-friendly! I've discussed this with Mr. … [Read more...]

Macaron Day 2012

Admittedly, my macaron adventures have actually been more like misadventures, but it is Macaron Day so in honor of the fact that this little cookie  is quintessentially French and many of my francophile friends adore them, I thought I would share some macaron-related posts and news. If you are in Paris, make sure to participate in le jour du macaron with Pierre Hermé boutiques (as well as other … [Read more...]

Peeking in on La Cuisine Paris

While walking along the Seine having just finished my Baguette to Bistro tour and killing time before my The Bobo Palate tour a few hours later I got a tweet from Jane of La Cuisine Paris inviting me to stop by and visit.  Jane had sent several very supportive tweets in December in support of my small business Saturday series and I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet her. After those sweet … [Read more...]