Savvy Auntie Travels – Part 3

Last week I began a two-part series on traveling with nieces and nephews. In Part 1 I interviewed Melanie Notkin of SavvyAuntie where she provided excellent advice and information based on her experiences as well as information from experts in her community. Then I reached out to two of my blogging friends who blog about traveling with their families.  Their blogs focus on tips and tricks as well … [Read more...]

Family Rambling Journal Winner

There were four entries for the Family Rambling Journal and selected #3 as the winner, and that is: Kristi of La Bella Figura! … [Read more...]

The family that travels together…

I feel very fortunate to have grown up an Army brat and to have moved all over the country and the world. My parents did an amazing job of taking my sister and I on all kinds of trips to museums, parks, historical sites, expositions and sports venues.  We were exposed to many, many experiences of which I have many fond memories of. I can see now that this took a lot of coordination.  Even … [Read more...]

Do online relationships translate offline

Yes. They. Do. I had already had the experience of meeting people at a blogging conference and clicking and then continuing the relationship online.  I met blogging buddies  (whom I refer to as "my Iowa gals")  Paula and Jody, at Blissdom in February, and they continue to be my buds. Last weekend at Type-A-Mom we re-connected again and had the most amazing evening together at a fabulous … [Read more...]