Happy birthday Alisa Bowman!

I met Alisa last year at the Type-A-Mom blogging conference in Asheville, North Carolina. She had come to meet Julie, and so had I. Julie is a social butterfly and she soon hooked us up with Anne-Fitten and well, as the saying goes, the rest is history! Alisa and I bonded in a seemingly unconventional way.  You see we are both introverts.  There was a moment on the second day of the conference, … [Read more...]

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Bienvenue chez moi! My name is Andi and I have been on my blogging journey since July 2008.  Blogging came to me as a gift and it has fulfilled so many aspects of my life.  I have always secretly wanted to write and having a blog is just the ticket. I have met so many wonderful people all over the world and blogosphere and when I meet people in-real-life it doesn't matter what our political, … [Read more...]

My outlet

This blog is my creative outlet. Someone recently asked me what I would do if I won the lottery and part of my answer was to blog full time. I would eat and travel and blog. And I would be completely content. Of course my hubby would have to be by my side to make the picture complete, but in terms of doing what I love, it would be blogging. This blog fulfills a space in me that I did not know … [Read more...]

ROI of Relationships

I have never been one to have a large group of friends. I had a small group of friends in high school and college and that suited me just fine. They are not the same people that I am friends with today, but it's hard to tie me down to a place, so that makes sense. I believe in quality not quantity so that people that I let into the "inner circle" are few and far between. Unless you are talking … [Read more...]