Locals I Love – Carmit and Jacob of Hatchup

As Mr. Misadventures and I ramble along through the Southwest, the hubby is thoroughly (obsessively) involved in capturing it in images and I am thoroughly (obsessively) trying to its discover great local food stories via its people and its products. It became immediately clear when we entered New Mexico that chiles are a big thing. Huge.  With the state question being 'red or green' there is … [Read more...]

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Live A Great Story

While Mr. Misadventures and I were cruising around the Salton Sea, I snapped this image of an abandoned building in Bombay Beach.  At the time I remarked about the sign that read "Live A Great Story" (in black towards the middle).  I posted the photo to Instagram and someone kindly commented to let me know that this was a real thing.  That there was an actual story behind the #liveagreatstory sign … [Read more...]

Baked Bear in San Francisco – Custom-made Ice Cream Sandwiches

San Francisco has no shortage of really great ice cream establishments. In fact, I'd say we're pretty much connoisseurs - we want unique flavors and fresh, local ingredients and we're usually willing to pay top dollar - or maybe it's just because we're used to it. Either way, we are definitely spoiled! But the great thing about San Francisco and its culinary delights, we always welcome more.  … [Read more...]

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Locals I Love – An Afternoon at Seley Ranch

During our first week in Borrego Springs, Mr. Misadventures and I were immensely enjoying the local grapefruit. At least once a day on our way in or out of Borrego Springs, we drove by Seley Ranch. By the end of our first week, I was very interested about this farm so I reached out to them to see if they were amenable to a visit and interview. You see I was extremely curious about these farms … [Read more...]

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An Interview with Outrigger Resorts Bitsy Kelley

[Instead of just doing a question/answer interview format, I decided to write a essay that highlights the many topics covered in my interview with Bitsy Kelley who graciously spent an hour with me on my recent trip to Oahu to attend the Waikiki SPAMJam.] There is light within Bitsy Kelley. She is effervescent. There is a constant smile in her eyes. She is warm, friendly and gracious and … [Read more...]

An Interview with Cotogna Chef Michael Tusk – Taste of the Nation San Francisco

There is no shortage of of food festivals in San Francisco, one of the many reasons why I love this city! Of course its always a bonus when you can combine good food and celebrity chefs with eating for a cause.  Or four, in the case of this year's Taste of the Nation San Francisco event...four! This year's event is taking place on Thursday, March 26 at the City View in The Metreon.  Along with … [Read more...]

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Interview with Courtney Taira of King’s Hawaiian

I think I have mentioned before that my Mom's side of the family are Portuguese immigrants with family from the Azores Islands. In the San Francisco Bay Area there was (I am not sure how large it is now) a huge Portuguese community and in particular Portuguese Catholic.  Every town had a St. Anthony's Portuguese Catholic Association and a hall. Those halls were magical places where people … [Read more...]

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Interview with Hawaiian Airlines Chef Chai

Last time I went to Hawaii in March I flew Hawaiian Airlines for the first time and had a really great experience.  One of the things I was completely unaware of was the fact that I would be served a meal while on my flight....for FREE! You heard me right.  There is still an airline, one, Hawaiian Airlines that serves meals to their passengers for no charge. For me it is the epitome of one of … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Julie of Inspiring Kitchen

I really love meeting new travel bloggers on a weekly basis with my Traveler Tuesday series. Traveling is only one part of my personality so I thought it would be fun to connect with food bloggers as well. I am not a food blogger to the extent that I am doing recipes and cooking. Instead, my focus with food is more on the eating side. Trying new foods and restaurants (as well as food trucks) … [Read more...]

(Top Chef) Casey Thompson’s Aveline

I am a big fan of Top Chef.  I am always curious to see how the cheftestants manage their post Top Chef lives. Just by observation it is very easy to quickly identify the chefs that love the spotlight and those who would rather have their food speak for them.  I am not saying one type is better than the other. Just different. Chef Casey Thompson is in the second group.  She was Season 3's Fan … [Read more...]