My Last Meal

I was recently having discussion with an old friend when the topic of what our last meal would be came up.  Believe me, for a foodie this is a discussion that can be quite passionate, completely irrelevant to the fact that it is my last meal and why it is my last meal...none of that even crossed my mine, I went straight into planning and debating it.  And then it kind of stuck with me for several … [Read more...]

New! French Fridays!

I am off for the next two days, taking advantage of the holiday weekend to unplug from the net. Going with my hubby to a very special place and there is no TV, no phone, no internet, just nature, books, food and peace. But before I left I wanted to share with you a new feature that will be on Misadventures with Andi starting next Friday.... Each week I will be doing a blog post about something … [Read more...]

Not hired for blogging?

We all know about those bloggers who have been fired for blogging (Dooce as an example). But have you thought about how often people may not be getting hired for blogging? There have been many people fired or reprimanded for blogging about their jobs or other topics that a person's employer may find to be unseemly. But do you know it may prevent you from getting a job too? One of the downsides … [Read more...]

Make it so

To see a larger view of this illustration, click the image. I have been pondering something for a couple of weeks now. And with my husband going through a sci-fi phase with the Netflix list, including lots of Star Trek, it continues to bug me... Minority Report…Total Recall…heck, The Fifth Element…when is all the fantastic futuristic technology going to happen? I have bought into the fact that … [Read more...]

My Barbie Memories

Happy Birthday Barbie. Today you are the big 5-0, wow! You have come a long way baby! You have been an Olympiad, an astronaut, even President. You've had fashion labels design clothes, purses and accessories for you. You've had houses and cars and the love of a stable man for fifty years. You, Barbie, you rock! I being the quintessential tomboy, I don't have a single memory of any of the pink or … [Read more...]

Breakfast of Champions

Over the holiday break in the South Pacific, we stayed in hotel that had mainly American and French clientele. French because the island is French and American because the hotel is a part of a popular American chain. This makes for fantastic people-watching, particularly for my husband and I as we happen to belong to both those cultures and it is fun to see them together in one place.  One … [Read more...]

Morning Commute

I can't get my head around anything tangible to say this week. I have my mind on a ton of things, and it is currently using all the allotted space in my personal hard drive. So here is another essay. A couple of times a week my husband drives to work, (it is totally out of his way, yes, he is that sweet). This means a ride in the car in the dark on the Bay Bridge into San Francisco which actually … [Read more...]

Does oily salesmanship still work in this day and age? Yuck!

The hard sell (sale?) doesn't work on me. It will have the exact opposite effect on me than desired. It will make me hate you in a blink of an eye. Whatever you are communicating it will turn into Charlie Brown blah-blah and my eyes will not glaze over but rather turn into slits of annoyance. Christine Comaford does that to me. As I mentioned a couple of times over the past week, I attended a … [Read more...]