Holiday Highlight: Risamaymay

We have reached the last Holiday Highlights, my series featuring six hard-working women who own a variety of small businesses that illustrate not only their talents, but their termination to carve out a little space to call their own, and I want to help. It is no secret around these parts that Paris has a special hold on my heart.  And since I cannot live there at the moment, I digest all that … [Read more...]

Holiday Highlight: Lola’s Cookies

This Holiday Highlight is for my Parisians friends, or anyone who may be traveling to Paris in January! A few months after my pal Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland launched her business, Lola's Cookies with partner Chloe, I had the opportunity to interview the lovely ladies about their new endeavor. These ladies are hard at working baking American-style cookies and brownies for Parisians and expats … [Read more...]

Holiday Highlight: Presque Isle

Ready for another Holiday Highlight?  Today's post is about someone near and dear...literally!  Michelle of Presque Isle sits right across from me at work!  My favorite cubicle cohort,  Michelle spends her extra hours doing many things - rock climbing, baking, volunteering at the San Francisco SPCA every weekend - and crocheting.  Lots of crocheting!  I have always admired her wares and kept … [Read more...]

Holiday Highlight: Color Crazy

In November I introduced you to Theresa Pulido the owner of the Color Crazy, a line of beautiful locker hooking books, materials and project kits. She was the opening act to my Color Week and Theresa spent time answering questions about herself and her passion for vibrant colors and the unique locker hooking craft.  you can find out all about her in my interview. Theresa is the author of not … [Read more...]

Holiday Highlight: Oliveira Bags

Back for another Holiday Highlight, this time it's my blog my rules...a little nepotism I know, but her products are wonderful, especially for busy and eco-conscious moms! I have previously interviewed OliveiraBags owner, Mandy Oliveira, at the beginning of November when I promoted her wonderfully handcrafted products (check it out to learn more about Mandy). At that time we … [Read more...]

Holiday Highlight: Kasia Dietz Bags

I am thrilled to present you with my first Holiday Highlight entrepreneur, Kasia of Kasia Dietz bags.  As I mentioned when I introduced the idea of supporting small business owners for Small Business Saturday, I am re-focusing my usual holiday giveaways activities and shifting attention to supporting some of my favorite small business owners who all happen to be friends, family or faithful blog … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday 2011

Today is the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday supported by American Express. It is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses all over the country and the world during the busiest shopping weekend of the year (in the U.S.). They are asking people to shop small at your favorite local stores to help fuel the economy. I am a huge believer in this initiative and it is something I support … [Read more...]