Hawaii Collection – Oh my, Hawaii!

I've been blessed to have been to Hawaii four times in the last couple of years (and I am due for another trip).  There is nothing quite like this island paradise. It breath-taking, relaxing, fun, tasty.  You can be adventurous as you want, explore the local cultures and foods, or do absolutely nothing and just enjoy the tropical breezes. I know the East Coast has the Caribbean and I've … [Read more...]

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[mis]Adventures in Loco Moco in Hilo

I view the world through a food-colored lens and it definitely is a focus when I travel. One of the best things about traveling to lands near and far is the discovery of unique dishes. The world is a smaller place these days and you can get just about anything anywhere, so it is really cool when you can try a truly local dish in the place it was created. And in Hilo, Hawaii, that dish is loco … [Read more...]

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[mis]Adventures in Hilo Redux

Back in January when Mr. Misadventures mentioned he wanted to take a photography workshop in Hilo, I jumped at the chance to return to Hawaii Island. (I didn't even pretend to begrudgingly acquiesce.) I had such an amazing time on my last trip to Hilo that I immediately began dreaming about visiting again. While the hubby was getting up at 3:30 a.m. for a 4 a.m. departure not to return until 11 … [Read more...]

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Big Island Round-up

I got the greatest compliment this past Monday.  A long time reader who I recently met in person in March in Seattle (she was on the AFAR Experiences trip and she recognized me, talk about an exciting experience!) sent me a message via Facebook (of course we're Facebook friends now!).  She said that she goes to the Big Island all the time (vacations there often) and that she had learned so much … [Read more...]

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Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

My base-camp while staying on the Hilo side of the Big Island was the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.  Hilo is the working side of the island, driven by small businesses, a lot of them started by vets after World War II.  There are three main streets downtown and 500 businesses!  The Hilo Hawaiian Hotel may not be a fancy resort, but it is perfectly suited for what is important in Hilo...family, humbleness, … [Read more...]

Hawaii – Hilo Grown Tour

Last week I shared a little of background about Hawaii's agritourism and the forces behind it.  I had the pleasure of learning a lot about the topic from Lani Weigert when I visited Hamakua Mushrooms.  For my last day in Hilo I would actually eat, drink and breathe agritourism on an agricultural adventure called Hilo Grown Tour. I was picked up at my hotel, the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel (more on this … [Read more...]

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