5 Ways to be More Healthy so You Can be More Productive

I'm going to take a guess that you are probably super busy a lot of the time and your to-do list is often a mile long, and you just wish you could get more done. I often feel the same way, and that is why productivity and time management is so important to me. Too often we are not as productive as we want to be and don’t know why. Not caring for our health is a big factor in not being able to … [Read more...]

How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine after Vacation

Vacation is our absolute favorite time of the year because it is the one time where we can just forget about all our worries and problems and simply let go and focus on ourselves. However, if you are trying to start living a healthy lifestyle, you’ll sometimes find that it’s a bit difficult to get back on track with it after a long, wonderful vacation. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen … [Read more...]


Today I took advantage of a free health assessment provided by my employer. The last time I had completed a physical that included checking for cholesterol, etc was when I was working in Switzerland.  At the time I was eating 1-2 pastries for breakfast, maybe a croissant jambon at 10:00.  Bread and or a pain au sucre at lunch and at least half a baguette for dinner.  Oh did I mention that bread … [Read more...]