Traveler Tuesday – Keane of Keane Li

[I know its Wednesday but I missed two Traveler Tuesdays during the holiday when my brain went on strike. ] I have had the pleasure of meeting today's travel blogger in person!  Keane Li is a blogger, freelance writer and up until the end of last year the San Francisco Community Manager for Gogobot. Which is where I met him while attending an event for Gogobot community members. I don't … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Tuesday – AFAR Wanderlists

In recent posts I have shared some of the tools I use to organize, plan or fantasize about planned or future travel. These have included Clipix, which helps me organize articles and posts that I find online and Gogobot which helps me crowd-source ideas for upcoming trips, plus I get to make really cute postcards which I am having a ton of fun playing with! Another tool I am using quite a bit … [Read more...]