A Typical French Breakfast – Pastries, Bread and Coffee

If you are planning to go to Paris you are going to want to know what a typical French breakfast is. The city is famous for its pastries, bread, and amazing coffee. So taking your time to have breakfast in Paris is definitely something that should be a  must-do on your “to-do” list while in the city or France in general. To be honest most Parisians don’t have a big breakfast. Usually, it's a … [Read more...]

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French Friday – A guide to dining out in Paris

If you're really into your food, Paris is an awesome place to travel to. That said, it's not exactly the cheapest city to eat out in, so you should be prepared to spend a little more than you might elsewhere - but that's not to say that there aren't any tricks to keep your spending down and enjoying restaurants in Paris. If you're a bit of a foodie, chances are you're already fairly familiar … [Read more...]

He said, She Said: F U Foie Gras Dinner at Laftitte San Francisco

Did I say that He Said, She Said was going to be a monthly thing? Are you sure I didn't say bi-annual? Oops! I told you it was hard to get Mr. Misadventures to a French restaurant! He promises me he is re-committed to the mission/project and we have the next restaurant selected for November (cross your fingers!). The setting: California is getting ready to re-ban foie gras!  In protest San … [Read more...]

5 Fantastic Fall Foods to Eat in Paris

As autumn approaches I have my eye on Paris. October is my favorite time of year in the city I love, particularly when it comes to seasonal food. Of course, in my opinion, the food in Paris is wonderful throughout the year but some of my favorites are available during the time when the leaves are turning colors, the air is getting brisker (and Parisians are getting grumpier!) and the layers are … [Read more...]

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Autumn Meal in Auvergne

My hubby, my mother-in-law and I escaped Vichy for the day and decided to take a drive to Le Mayet de Montagne for a wonderful autumn lunch on the outdoor terrace of La Vieille Auberge.  I've been there in the winter as well where we dined inside the chalet on heartier fare, but this lovely waffle with cream sauce and asparagus was divine.  France's Auvergne region is just delightful during all … [Read more...]

J'adore #23

Time for another edition of J'adore where I share things I spot on my internet travels. It is sort of like virtual window shopping and its fun!  Of course I have to do is cruise Pinterest for any amount of time and satisfy my "shopping" needs but I try to avoid using Pinterest as my source for these posts, that would be too easy!  In reality I spot things all the time but forget to note them … [Read more...]

Road Trip Report – Brittany Part 6

Before I get into our final days in Brittany I wanted to back up and tell you about our trip from the Hôtel de la Plage in Sainte Anne La Palud to the Le Fort de l’Ocean in Le Croisic because on the way we had the most amazing lunch (you know me and food!). After an amazing breakfast before checking out of Le Fort de l’Ocean and a few hours later on the road we started seeking out lunchtime … [Read more...]

Relais Chateau: Le Fort de l’Ocean – Part 2

Having arrived, rested and thoroughly enjoyed our first afternoon at Relais Chateau property Le Fort de l'Ocean, the next treat in store was dinner. As was customary at all our other stays on this trip we planned to try out the hotel restaurant for at least one dinner. After being on the road so many days and eating a lot of rich meals I can honestly say I wasn't really looking forward to … [Read more...]

French Friday – 5 Fantastic French Restaurants Outside Of France

French cuisine has been evolving and expanding since the Middle Ages, when banquets and multiple course dinners were firm favourites among the aristocracy. These nobles would enjoy viscous sauces, zesty mustards, and tender meat, much of what we associate with French cuisine today. Through the 18th and 19th centuries, French recipes were innovated, refined, and perfected into the delectable dishes … [Read more...]

French Friday – La Fête de la Chandeleur

Said with a French accent: Screw the groundhog bring on the crêpes! That is the dialogue I imagine from every Frenchman on February 2nd. Okay, yes. It was just me! This past Tuesday was La Chandeleur (also known as Candlemas) which the people of France (and other pre-dominantly Catholic) countries celebrate as the end of Epiphany. I like it better as "the day we eat crêpes!" I am a crepe … [Read more...]