Upcoming SPAM Misadventures

It's so funny how life is a series of little events all strung together. I don't often think of SPAM, I do like it, but it is not in Mr. Misadventures repertoire and he does all the cooking in our household! For the most part I usually eat it in the form of musubi (pictured above) from food trucks in San Francisco.  But I also love it in fried rice and with eggs (but then again, I love anything … [Read more...]

Detroit: An American Revival, Part 1

It's been a week since I returned from a whirlwind weekend in Detroit. People keep stopping by my office or stopping me in the halls at works and asking, "How was Detroit?" And I keep saying, "come in" or "do you have more than a minute? I can't tell you about it until you do.  There is so much to say." The response: "About Detroit??" Yes. Detroit. They haven't seen what I saw. A … [Read more...]

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Ted Allen on Dining Out For Life

If you have been around these parts for any length of time you will know I like to eat, particularly out.  If you are following on Instagram, Foodspotting or FourSquare you will see I dine out a lot! When you work in San Francisco dining out is an every day lunch adventure.  Coupled that with crazy work schedules and long commuter and San Franciscans also eat a lot of dinners out as well.  We are … [Read more...]

You can’t beat the Miami heat

No, not that Heat, the other kind! Miami is hot. Filled with palm trees and supermodels, this Florida paradise is flashy and fierce. Miami restaurant and hotels are some of the best in the world, and the entertainment is second to none. From the infamous stretch of coast known as South Beach to the Bugattis and bling that blind tourists on Ocean Boulevard, Miami heat is about more than just … [Read more...]

The Big Cheese of Sandwiches: A Conversation with Jeff Mauro

Last Tuesday was National Cheese Day. To celebrate the occasion Food Network star, sandwich afficiando and all around good guy, Jeff Mauro teamed up with Cracker Barrel to celebrate.  I was thrilled when they reached out to me to offer an interview.  I am a huge fan of Jeff's having watched him earn his spot amongst other Food Network chefs in Season 7 of Food Network Star, I've cheered him as he … [Read more...]

Trip Report – Portland for the weekend

I have been trying to get Mr. Misadventures to a spot in Oregon for a while now.  He love Seattle and the San Juan Islands, so I knew he would be just as fond of Portland.  My plan had been to go in September, but the weekend we selected was the same as Feast Portland, and while we are huge foodies, hotel availability was a challenge so I pushed our trip into October.  The later you go in the … [Read more...]

San Francisco Ferry Building Attraction – Biscuit Bender

I really wanted to call this post "Bended Like Biscuit" but then I reconsidered as I would be the only one who thought that was funny!  Instead I called Biscuit Bender an attraction. Why?  Because it is much more than another food stand in the San Francisco Ferry Building but rather a little culinary adventure with a entertaining host. I first learned about Van Dao and his San Francisco based … [Read more...]

Three Things Chopped Taught Me About Life (plus Yes Chef)

I've mentioned it before, but we don't watch much TV in our house. We had an old Tivo, with a parculiar set-up that only allowed us to record one channel at a time, so it was always set to TV5 to record the French news and that was the only thing we watched. I download a few shows like Dexter and MadMen to watch on my iPad, but that was the extent of my TV watching. The exception was when we … [Read more...]