Field Notes Volume 4

So what do you do when your carefully planned editorial calendar implodes? You rescue an abandoned guest-post and catch everyone up on your personal life! Back to all things travel, food, and France next week. We have finally reached that moment we have been waiting 9 months for. Home again. Although we closed on our new home on September 15th, (after a ridiculously long escrow period) we’ve … [Read more...]

Field Notes Volume 3

I love sunflowers.  I'll tell you a secret. I have a sunflower tattoo! I do regret my tattoo, but I love sunflowers. The ones in the photo above are from a field in Palouse when we were there last June. That was definitely full of misadventure! I wanted something that was a little bright, a little cheery, it's been a painful week for the world. Between the ugliness of Charlottesville and the … [Read more...]

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Field Notes Volume 2

Hello, gang! Today I will have completed my first full week of work and it feels good! I absolutely loved my sabbatical, but I was ready to contribute my energies and my experience somewhere.  That somewhere is Cisco. I'm going to be managing the influencer program. Since I am passionate about influencer marketing, I could not ask for a better opportunity! Working remotely (highly supported at … [Read more...]

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Field Notes Volume 1

Oh, you know me. I love my little projects and my series. If I'm not telling you about my Weekly Wanderings or detailing Project Discover, I don't know what to do with myself. I need a vehicle to share life's little updates when I'm not traveling.  My Currently series has a specific format and despite going a little longer in July, I want to keep that post fairly short. And so a new series is … [Read more...]

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