Project DISCOVER is Sahale Inspired

DISCLOSURE: This post is brought to you by Sahale Snacks.  All opinions and food I eat are of my own choosing, but Sahale Snacks is seriously a huge part of our life! It's such an honor to continue to work with Sahale Snacks. I was a big fan way before I worked with them on one of their brand ambassador projects and before they were a sponsor. Have you ever felt like a brand was created … [Read more...]


Today I took advantage of a free health assessment provided by my employer. The last time I had completed a physical that included checking for cholesterol, etc was when I was working in Switzerland.  At the time I was eating 1-2 pastries for breakfast, maybe a croissant jambon at 10:00.  Bread and or a pain au sucre at lunch and at least half a baguette for dinner.  Oh did I mention that bread … [Read more...]

Music Memory Monday – With Arms Wide Open

Music provokes all kinds of memories.  Some good.  Some bad. For me, the bad serve their purpose in the form of reminders or life lessons. Recently I have been working on a project that requires me to do data entry for several hours a day, it's a temporary situation, but needless to say quite boring. To make the time pass more quickly I have been listening to my full collection on iTunes. Buried … [Read more...]