A San Francisco Weekend for Foodies

Whenever I chat with people about weekend trips, I often hear about trips to Vegas, trips to LA, etc. You people are missing out! A San Francisco weekend chock full of food exploits is the place to be! San Francisco is small but mighty. 7 miles by 7 miles, but packed with great things to eat, drink and do. It is an awesome place to come for the weekend and this post is intended to convince … [Read more...]

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My 10 most memorable food experiences

There is no doubt I am happiest when I am eating. I love food. Food is life. It enriches the soul. I plan my next meal while I am eating the current one. All my travels around the world are remembered through the food experiences I have. It is one of the many reason's I am so jealous of Anthony Bourdain, I know from reading his essays that his life is not as glamorous as it appears, but I would … [Read more...]

My Weekend Routine

We do a fair amount of traveling in the Misadventures household. I usually attend at least one local food or travel event during the week and I go to restaurants (or take out from them) for lunch everyday and the hubby and I eat out for dinner a couple of times a week. But when it comes to the weekend, unless I am off exploring, my routine is pretty consistent. Refined over many years, Mr. … [Read more...]

Dine on Time App at Westfield San Francisco Centre

Once I was selected as a Westfield Food Tastemaker, I was anxious to hear which restaurant I would be matched up with.  I had suggested two, but was not sure who I would ultimately collaborate with. When I found out it was M.Y. China, I was so psyched.  If you have been reading Misadventures with Andi for any length of time (or follow me on FourSquare to see my weekly check-ins or my Instagram or … [Read more...]

San Francisco Bay Area Dimsum Guide

San Francisco's deep Chinese immigrant history makes it a formidable contestant as one of the best places to get dimsum in the United States (maybe even the world after Hong Kong). As San Franciscans began moving out of the Chinatown area and into cities all over the Bay Area, the number of really great dimsum places grew exponentially. I eat dimsum nearly every weekend, so I'd consider myself a … [Read more...]

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San Francisco for Vegetarians

San Francisco for vegetarians is possbile! I have had several people reach out to me to say they were on their way to San Francisco and traveling with vegetarians and/or vegans and did I know some good restaurants to recommend. Food is on my mind 24/7 and I am constantly seeking out new things to try in San Francisco (or wherever I go) so I have had the opportunity to eat at some great … [Read more...]

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Yummy Asian food in New York

A place where a lot of Asian people have established themselves is without a doubt New York. So, it’s not a surprise that there are many good Asian restaurants, for all tastes and wallets. Here some recommendations: A different Chinese experience One of the obligatory visits if you are a fan of Asian food is Joe's Shanghai Restaurant where they prepare a special and different kind of soup: … [Read more...]

San Francisco for the holidays

I have written about Paris for the holidays and Barcelona for the holidays, two places I'd love to be this holiday season, but what about my own backyard? San Francisco for the holidays is a wonderful time to visit. And despite the fact that I won't be here this Christmas, I have had lovely times here in the past. Given that I work in the city, I thought I might share some of the things you can … [Read more...]

Coolest restaurants in Barcelona!

Lately, I’ve been discovering some new charming restaurants in Barcelona (which don’t need to be the most expensive ones, by the way!).  I couldn’t help but share some with you for when you come to visit.  The first thing to do is get one of the many strategically-based Barcelona apartments, read this post and be well-armed for some good eating! Authentic and cool Chinese food: El … [Read more...]

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This Week in Photos #3: Film Geekery and Food

As a total film nut, I think I am pretty lucky to have the job that I do.  Being the social media manager at a company that is knee-deep into the film and entertainment business means I get lots of chances to get my inner film geek on!  And that is exactly what I did this past Monday and Tuesday when my company held a private film festival for media in our San Francisco office.  I was responsible … [Read more...]