Viking River Cruises – Cruising Portugal Douro Valley

[I was invited to experience Viking River Cruises. I chose Portugal’s Douro Valley. My airfare and cruise were paid for. Financial compensation was not received for this post. Opinions expressed here are my own, always are and always will be.] Vine roots in Portugal's Douro Region grow deep. Driving into the rock and soil taking hold as deep as 30 feet. I imagine like most roots, they … [Read more...]

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Why Cruising is a Great Way to see the UK

[Post written by Laura Gavin, images curated by me.] Did you know that you can take a cruise around the UK? Not many people do, but in fact cruising is a great way to see a variety of the most beautiful places in the UK on a single trip. UK cruise trips depart regularly during the summer months, circumnavigating England, Ireland and Scotland. Why Cruise? Cruises from UK ports will suit … [Read more...]

Travel Thoughts – Cruising with Celebrities

I have been thinking a lot about celebrities lately.  Maybe because for the first time in over 20 years I didn't have a holiday break that included Mr. Misadventures and I taking off to some place exotic.  Instead I just had Christmas Day and New Year's Day off.  That made me a bit grumpy (I know, first world problems) and I wasn't in the mood to do much.  Instead we caught up on television … [Read more...]

Earth: Day 10 of 30 Days of Indie Travel Project

One-third of the month has flown by already and it has been a blur. We're at Day 10 of the Boots N All travel writing series - 30 Days of Indie Travel. If you have missed any of my other daily posts you can check them out here. Today's prompt: At what point in your travels have you felt most in tune with the Earth? Share a story of how you interacted with the local environment or nature. I am … [Read more...]

Interview with the Misadventures Cruise Agent

In 2004 while living in France, Mr. Misadventure and I decided we wanted to try out an Alaskan cruise.  [Sidebar: yes, I know it seems a little backwards: while living in France we vacationed in the U.S. and now living back in the U.S. we vacation in Europe.  We probably could have saved a lot of money if we flipped that….but, we like to make things exciting!]  Anyway, I digress. The thought of … [Read more...]

I floated over a mountain

When I was younger, I lived in Panama for four years.  My father was stationed there when there was still a base and way before the Noriega troubles.  I don't remember too much, just bits and pieces and pictures we have from that time.  We visited the canal, but of course when you live there, you don't go through it and you only see a piece. My husband had never been south of the Unites States, … [Read more...]

I am a Nicaraguan warrior

One of the stops during my holiday vacation was San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  I, like many others, arrived in Nicaragua with a prejudice against the country.  The wars, the drugs, the violence, etc. But like all prejudices, these feelings are based on naïveté and not knowing the facts. That's where Guillermo came in.  He was our tour guide for the day.  He spent four hours with us, two hours on … [Read more...]

A Seven Hour Voyage for Beef Fajitas

A few days into our Panama Canal cruise we stopped at Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala.  We decided to go on an excursion for the day.  We hopped on board  an air conditioned bus that took us on a two-and-a-half hour ride into the Mayan highlands.  During the bus ride we were treated to a lecture on Guatemala. The economy is very poor and relies on agriculture, mainly sugar cane and pineapple. The … [Read more...]