3 Hot Coffee Shops in Washington, DC

Washington DC is brimming with unique, local coffee shops. Having visited many coffee shops throughout DC, I am going to highlight three must see shops next time you visit our nation’s capital. Compass Coffee Located in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington DC, this beautiful building displays the compass logo on the corner of the brick. The cafe is large and well lit with a friendly feel. … [Read more...]

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J’adore #64 – Coffee Cup Edition

Since yesterday was National Coffee Day (see how I celebrated), I thought I would share some of my favorite coffee mugs on this edition of J'adore.  J'adore is my series of digital discoveries made during my internet travels.  I am not big on shopping in stores, so my window shopping (and "real" shopping) is done online. Given that I work in an office and have done so for the last twenty-six … [Read more...]

National Coffee Day

Oh this could be my most favorite holiday of all!  I am not a big fan of the "real" holidays, but I love the food and beverage days! Coffee has been apart of my life for a VERY long time.  I shared all the details in My Coffee Story. After you understand where my deep love of coffee came from you'll see that my other posts on coffee come from a position of authority! Hey, everybody is an … [Read more...]

Where to go for Coffee in San Francisco

Whether it is Four Barrel or Blue Bottle, Coffee Cultures or Coffee Bar, San Francisco’s coffee will keep you caffeinated. Purists, snobs, and almond milk latte lovers all have a place in San Francisco’s coffee scene. In celebration of National Coffee Day, I thought I would share a few spots and stories about where to go for coffee in San Franciso.  A double-shot just for you! I have been … [Read more...]

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Hawaii: Greenwell Farms

After a reflective evening and excellent first night's sleep at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa I woke up ready to hit the road.  I spent the morning at the South Kona Green Market, a small farmer's market in the Kona area. I poked around and picked up a small breakfast consisting of a scone and the most delicious lilikoi juice ever, then I headed to Greenwell Farms for a … [Read more...]

AFAR Experience Seattle – Day 3 Coffee and a View

Sunday morning bright and early the AFAR Experiences group headed to Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting Company in Capitol Hill to talk a little coffee and a little pot.  Not the pot you pour your coffee into, but marijuana. To start, we were offered a cup of delicious green roasted Caffé Vita coffee as we waited for head coffee buyer, Daniel Shewmaker, to share a little about coffee buying and … [Read more...]

San Francisco’s Coffee Cultures

If wine is the nectar of the gods, what is coffee?  The elixir of life?  I shared a little of my coffee story yesterday.  So while I love wine, you'll understand why I'd give it up for coffee! Luckily I don't have to.  And with the large quantities of really great coffee in San Francisco, I have coffee shops available to me at every corner.  But with so many to select from, where does one lay … [Read more...]

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My Coffee Story

I thought if I detailed how coffee has been a part of my life for a very long time it would allow you to gain a better understanding of how finding a good cup is more than just finding a good cup! I have a long history with coffee.  And it started when I was quite young. Picture if you will a family in the early 1980's sitting down to breakfast at Denny's.  There is a Mom and a Dad and two … [Read more...]

How to order a coffee in Portugal

In Portugal, coffeehouses and pastry shops are an institution, not only for the specialties they serve but also for their history and decoration.  And like many other metropolitan cities they once were the favourite haunt of some of the most famous literary figures in history. The Portuguese are very serious about their coffee and buy only top quality. So a good idea for people staying in … [Read more...]

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5 Things that made me realize how much I love Starbucks

There have been phases in my life where I was drinking several Starbucks a day. There have been phases when I drank none. I now have a happy balance in my life of a couple of them a week. My drink is a soy chai latte. I mix in soy lattes from time to time.  When I want a treat I go for a soy mocha. I have Starbuck Vias in just about every spot you can imagine, in case I need a cup of coffee and … [Read more...]