Rocket Launch(!) at Kennedy Space Center

After visiting Kennedy Space Center for the first time two weeks prior, Mr. Misadventures and I found ourselves back at the complex to knock an item off our bucket list - a rocket launch!  Maybe we don't qualify as space geeks. I'm not sure what the qualifications are. We love SciFi movies and TV shows, but you won't find us at a Trek convention.  However, we do love NASA and we're following the … [Read more...]

My Panama City Beach Bucket List

Turquoise blue or light emerald green, whatever the exact color is, it captivates me. When I think of Florida, it is this color that instantly appears in my mind. Quite honestly it is the only place in the world (and I have been to a lot of places) that does this to me.  The photo above, taken in Florida, is one of my favorite photos I've taken. I love the color of the sea. I never expected … [Read more...]