Introverts Guide to Blogging Conferences

Blogging conference season is well under way.  There are a ton of conference guides out there and I wouldn't dare to duplicate them, but I haven't seen one out there for introverts.  As a member of that "tribe", I can tell you that you can successfully attend a blogging conference, make connections and contacts while still keeping your sanity. So I've created this Introverts Guide to Blogging … [Read more...]

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Hello Blogher Pro ’14 Attendees

Today I am in Redwood City attending BlogHer Pro '14. I attended BlogHer in San Jose this past August and decided to make time for the more intimate, more focused two-day event for pro bloggers. I am really excited to be attending, meeting and networking with other bloggers.  I do it so less frequently than I used to, but hope to do it more in the future.  It is always an opportunity to … [Read more...]

Hello Blogher Attendees

I am at BlogHer today at the San Jose Convention Center. The last BlogHer I went to (which was my first) was three years ago in San Diego.  I am really excited to be attending and meet/network with other bloggers and to celebrate BlogHer's 10-year anniversary.  In that vain, I am doing a little introduction post for anyone who might check out Misadventures with Andi this weekend. If you are a … [Read more...]

J'adore #22 – Blogher Edition

I already wrote my BlogHer re-cap on Monday, but I wanted to share a few things that I found on the expo floor that I really liked.  The majority of the brands there had products target to mothers (or parents in general) but there were a few things that caught my eye. I had a nice long conversation with one of the representatives of Boiron, a company whose products I whole-heartedly believe.  It … [Read more...]

My Blogher

There were over 3700 blogger at the BlogHer conference in San Diego this past weekend, that means there are 3700 versions of each one's experience.  Each one unique, some better than others, but each entirely their own.  I wanted to share mine.  I am doing two posts on this topic and then I will be done, promise. I arrived in San Diego on Wednesday afternoon and was met by absolutely gorgeous … [Read more...]

POV: Bloggers to Brands – focus on the influenced

As I mentioned in this past Saturday Six, I attended the Radian6 User Conference (Social2011) in Boston last week. Radian6 is a social media engagement tool that allows companies (or agencies) to listen, measure and engage with their customers across the entire social web.  It is an enterprise tool and the audience was made up of companies large and small as well as agencies that work with them.  … [Read more...]

Not at Blogher ? Then Blog Hop '09!

Sorry, warning you now, this is a long post! Starting today (well actually last night for a lot of people) the mothership has called-in all its bloggers, that's right Blogher '09 has started! And like many, I was unable to attend. Not because I did not want to, but because I could not make up my mind if I wanted to, and then eventually it was too late, as Blogher has been sold out for a long … [Read more...]