French Friday – Beyond Paris with Chez Loulou

Jennifer started appearing on Misadventures with Andi in various forms in May of 2010. I had been reading her blog, Chez Loulou, for several months, fascinated by her dedication to French cheeses. I eventually got up the nerve to ask her to guest post about the cheese festival in her neck of the woods, Fête des fromages Rocamadour.  I LOVE cheese, so I have been a huge fan of the blog for a long … [Read more...]

French Friday – Beyond Paris with Vicki Archer

Every day I am amazed about the accessibility that social media has facilitated with authors. Growing up I was an avid bookworm and I could have never imagined being able to correspond with the authors I love on a weekly basis. With social media, it is something that happens every day. I discovered Vicki Archer and her book French Essence on a trip to Paris while I was living in France. I ran … [Read more...]

French Friday – Beyond Paris with A Lady in France

Today we aren't going too far Beyond Paris as my guest today, Jennie of A Lady in France, lives somewhere in the suburbs of Paris.  We first met through a mutual interest in Deauville last fall and we have become fast friends.  Like everyone else who has written for either the A Passion for Paris or Beyond Paris series she has a unique perspective of life in France.  Jennie's just happens to be … [Read more...]

French Friday – Beyond Paris with La Belle in France

Back to Provence!  That beautiful corner of France that has been idolized as much as Paris.  You read Sara's perspective on Sunday, now it is time for Stephanie. I have been reading La Belle in France for a while now, I love her clean design, her fascinating posts on art in Fine Art Fridays and her gorgeous photos. She had even tried to come up to Paris for the Paris Blogger's Meet-up.  And … [Read more...]

French Friday (on Sunday) – Beyond Paris with Sara of Le Petit Village

You read about Amy's love affair with Paris this morning in my inaugural post of A Passion for Paris. Now it's time to re-introduce you to my second series Beyond Paris.  These stories come from people not living in Paris.  They live in the other corners of France far away from where a lot of tourists visit. Each region of France has its own unique character with distinct food, dialects and … [Read more...]

French Friday – A Passion for Paris with Amy Thomas

Last year I hosted two guest-post series on France: A Passion for Paris and Beyond Paris. The intent was to have other bloggers living in Paris and around France share their stories about this city and country I love. This year I am pleased to bring the series back with the participation of some fabulous bloggers. By the way, if I missed contacting you and you are interested in writing for … [Read more...]

French Friday – Beyond Paris: My South of France

Last Friday we had the last A Passion for Paris post and now today, we have the final Beyond Paris guest post. It comes from Chez Loulou who has guest posted for me before about the fête du fromage. She returns to discuss the France where she lives. The south.  There are many south of Frances, known to many people, but not many know, or can experience the true south of France in the way that … [Read more...]

French Friday: Beyond Paris – Clermont Ferrand with Rebecca Ramsey

In April I did a review of a fantastic little book written by Rebecca Ramsey called French by Heart. It detailed the story of her family's experiences in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Clermont-Ferrand belongs to the region of Auvergne where my mother-in-law lives.  We have explored bits and pieces of the area on trips to visit her, so it was interesting to get further insight into the area. It was … [Read more...]

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French Friday: Beyond Paris – Life in Department Forty-Four: Nantes' Wide Open Spirit in Old Brittany

Continuing my French Friday guest post series we are back to Beyond Paris with Jake of "Happy, Full of Wonder, but Always Honestly Me: An American in Western France." He describes himself as a ColoIowaConnectifrancilite which is short for Iowan-Coloradian-Connecticutian-Francphile! Now that's a mouthful.  Jake just spent quite a bit of time in school in Nantes and has literally just returned to … [Read more...]

French Friday – Beyond Paris – To Lose Toulouse

Last week I started one of my two new guest-post series with Lindsey's A Passion for Paris contribution. This week I am kicking off the Beyond Paris series with veteran guest-poster Nathalie Hamidi who is writing about her hometown of Toulouse (which she is actually leaving). ======================================== In a few weeks, I will be moving out of Toulouse and in another county … [Read more...]