Weekly Wanderings #8 – Gold Canyon

What a week! We're into our second week at Gold Canyon with one week left and time is flying. My old team from work, once colleagues, now friends (even though I was boss) because besides being passionate about what we do, we have a lot in common, like food....anyway....they came in from San Francisco to check in on life in the RV and to go to a Spring Training game together. A photo … [Read more...]

Seven Things to do in Phoenix

My parents moved to the Phoenix area five years ago.  On each of my visits to see them, I have slowly started to gain a better appreciation for the some of the cool things that you can do in Phoenix and the greater Phoenix area, so I thought I would share some of my favorites, seven to be precise, so far. For your reference, the spots I am sharing are located all over the greater Phoenix area … [Read more...]

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My Blogher

There were over 3700 blogger at the BlogHer conference in San Diego this past weekend, that means there are 3700 versions of each one's experience.  Each one unique, some better than others, but each entirely their own.  I wanted to share mine.  I am doing two posts on this topic and then I will be done, promise. I arrived in San Diego on Wednesday afternoon and was met by absolutely gorgeous … [Read more...]