J’adore – GemShare

We make thousands of decisions every day. We walk around with our network on our smartphones every day. There are millions of apps out there, dozens launched every day. What if you could tap into your network to help you make decisions via one of those apps? I think that is exactly what GemShare has in mind. What is GemShare? GemShare is an app that allows you to create your own … [Read more...]

Interview with Burgerator Founder Ammar Shallal

I love me some burgers. I just don't let myself eat them as often as I really (really) want to.  From time to time, I let myself go a little crazy, like when I was researching for the best burgers in San Francisco article for the Groupon San Francisco City blog, but generally speaking I try to be reasonable. You know, that moderation thing and all.  So when I do have a burger, I want it to be a … [Read more...]

Appy Hour – 7 Food Apps that satisfy San Franciscans hunger

I love technology, especially when it means I get great tasting food out of it! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we lead busy lives, and between the crazy commutes, back-to-back meetings and networking events, sometimes you just want to chill at home and have a great meal without cooking. Eating out can be stressful as well, San Francisco is a big city, it’s hard to know what’s good in … [Read more...]

J’adore – WideAngle

Love is Paris. Love is the perfect travel companion. Love is the croissant David Lebovitz ate this morning. Wait. What? Is that only me? I am discovering a whole bunch of ways to express what love is to me.  And if you have been around these parts for a while, you'll know it often leads to food!  (No worries, Mr. Misadventures would agree completely!) I am Beta-testing a really cool app … [Read more...]