Yellowstone Redux

We really enjoyed our 10-day visit to Yellowstone National Park in May so we felt doubly blessed and privileged to be able to spend an additional three weeks in the park in September/October.  It wasn't the original plan. That was for eight days. Time we had gleaned from shortening our trips to Missoula and Glacier National Park. However, Mr. Misadventures was like a kid in a candy store and it … [Read more...]

Yellowstone National Park (Part 1)

I didn't prepare for Yellowstone National Park. I actually never really had much interest in visiting. I hate crowds and this park attracts people from all over the world. Even visiting in the off-season, there were more people here than all the other parks we visited this year. Mr. Misadventures had been to Yellowstone before. A four day photography trip last September right in the middle of … [Read more...]

Backstage Pass at the San Diego Zoo

I am not a big zoo person. I love the animals, but there is just something about them being in enclosures that makes me sad. I know all the reasons why it is good to have zoos, but I get bummed anyway. Mr. Misadventures and I had no plans to go to the zoo they day we headed to Balboa Park, but after just a few minutes of walking through the gardens and seeing sign after sign for the zoo we … [Read more...]

J'adore #36

Time for another post in my J'adore series, where I share with you things I have discovered while off on my internet travels!  Like in #35 which I dedicated to maps and all things city, I am focusing on one  area of interest, this time products for our furry friends.  By the way, if you aren't checking out Juniper Moon Farms daily pupdate, her post on the new farm puppies, then you are really … [Read more...]

J'adore #33

I am on a plane heading to Washington, D.C. today so I thought I would post a J'adore as my list was getting a little long.  J'adore is the series I do where I share things I have uncovered during my internet travels.  As I am not a big shopper these items are really a result of virtual window shopping or cool things that I have seen that I might like to try given time (and money!). Based on the … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Thursday – Traveling With a Pet: What You Need to Know

Everyone deserves to hop on a plane and go exploring. But if you’re a pet owner who is itching to travel, it can be difficult—not to mention a big hassle—to secure space for your dog at a local kennel or enlist your neighbors to take care of your cat while you are away. That is why a lot of us just bring our pets on the plane. While flying with your pet may sound difficult if you never tried … [Read more...]

San Juan Islands Fox

We stopped for a picnic lunch on San Juan Island and had this little guy as a companion. Truth be told, we did share a little bit of our food (I totally know you aren't supposed to do that!).  I'd never seen a fox this color! Save … [Read more...]

Auvergne Lamb

After our lovely lunch at La Vieille Auberge in Le Mayet de Montagne we took a digestive walk and ran into an adorable farm  B&B) called Le Couturon Gîtes with cure creatures roaming around including this little guy! Save … [Read more...]

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French Friday – French Dog Names

Did you know that in France all dogs born in the same year must start with a certain letter? French dog names are dictated by a naming convention that has been in place nearly a hundred years! On a trip Paris one November, I learned an interesting piece of trivia that I had not come across while living in France. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we were in our hotel room resting and … [Read more...]

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Sunday Laziness

'nuff said … [Read more...]