Top 6 Tips for Booking a Private Charter Jet

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Early Air Way. I asked them to provide a guest post with tips on booking chartered flights because it is something that is becoming increasingly inexpensive, at least in urban areas like the San Francisco Bay Area. Top 6 Tips for Booking a Private Charter Jet If you need to schedule a flight but don't want to get stuck in long lines, deal … [Read more...]

Misadventures in getting to Italy

Even veteran travelers can have really bad travel days. Mr. Misadventures and I must have been due... It started when I hung up on the Alitalia agent at the call center. I rarely lose my temper, that Andi I left in the dust more than a dozen years ago. In the process of trying to check-in online and make sure our luggage would go all the way to Florence from San Francisco, Mr. … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Tuesday – What’s the Best Way to Get to Bristol Airport?

If you're flying from Bristol Airport, you'll find a number of convenient and cost-effective ways to get in and out of the airport. There's an Airport Flyer Express Link which is a handy bus service linking the airport with Bristol Temple Meads railway station, Bristol bus station and Clifton. From the airport, it takes around half an hour to reach the city center using the Flyer Express Link, … [Read more...]

Road Trip Report Washington DC a.k.a Dossier: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Launch Event Part 2

Part 1 of my recent roadtrip detailed the first half of my adventures in Washington DC for the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol DVD and blu-ray release.  [Go back and read it!] Later on in the day, after the interviewing sessions with Director Brad Bird and technical expert Dale Shelton, there was a panel discussion with four ex-spies and Mr. Shelton. All four of these 30-plus year veterans … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Tuesday – Speeding through the Southwest Airlines Check-in Lines

When I arrived at the Southwest Airlines check-in lines the morning after BlogHer I was met with a gigantic line.  I had not had time to get my boarding pass as I was tied up the conference.  I wasn't worried because I had paid the extra $10 to do the Early Bird Check-in (best $10 ever spent) so I knew I had an "A" slot, but the line the check to getting my boarding pass and check in my bag was … [Read more...]

Road trip report – Los Angeles for the Adam West Live Broadcast

In my last reader survey someone commented that I should write more about my day-to-day life. In reality I usually only write about my travels, but my day-to-day life has been so fantastical lately, that this request is kind of easy to fulfill. Besides, the posts do involve travel, so it works! This past Thursday and Friday I was back down in Southern California, Burbank this time to see the … [Read more...]

Guest-post from Road Warriorette: Business Travel Tips Part 1

I am thrilled to have Road Warriorette as a guest-poster, not only for one, but for two posts! I started reading her when Chris Brogan paid homage to her when he launched his new travel blog "Man on the Go"  and I am hooked. Road Warriorette is a professional woman who travels for work, a lot, from her home base in Texas. Because of her extensive travel experience, the Road Warriorette wants to … [Read more...]

French Friday – One of my favorite Paris hotels is not in Paris!

That's right. One of my favorite hotels in Paris isn't actually in Paris, but rather the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport! Huh? Yes, seriously, the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel. When flying back to the U.S. from Paris, the flights are generally in the morning, between 7 and 11 a.m. Getting to the airport from Paris takes an hour, sometimes more. So my husband and I have found that we like to … [Read more...]

Charlotte airport rocks!

....literally! It's not my intention to review every airport I go to, but some of them certainly do warrant it. Last week when I flew to North Carolina, I had four hours to kill in the Charlotte airport.  And instead of it being a total drag, the four hours flew by. Namely because the airport is great! Coming off a red-eye, I was tired, so the first thing I did was look for a Starbucks, and … [Read more...]

Going with the flow

When traveling, it is important to maintain zen. So many things can, and often do, go wrong. Getting upset about it isn't going to change what happens, in fact it will usually exacerbate things. Here is my trip thus far: Plan was to stay at work until 7:30 p.m. (long day as I get in the office at 6:30 a.m.) and ride to airport in shuttle that I reserved. What actually happened: Shuttle service … [Read more...]