Top 6 Tips for Booking a Private Charter Jet

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Early Air Way. I asked them to provide a guest post with tips on booking chartered flights because it is something that is becoming increasingly inexpensive, at least in urban areas like the San Francisco Bay Area. Top 6 Tips for Booking a Private Charter Jet If you need to schedule a flight but don't want to get stuck in long lines, deal … [Read more...]

85 Years of Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Uniforms

Did you guys know that Hawaii has a Fashion Week? They didn't, but as of this year they do!  And it is going on right now. In Honolulu.  In fact, Courtney Taira who you met in my interview on Monday is there right now checking it out.  I think it would be cool to check. And when you are celebrating your 85th anniversary in the midst of that fun, you have to show off your own fashion sense.  … [Read more...]