5 Things Johnny Depp Taught Me About Life

With the opening of the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, I'd thought I'd update this post from March 2010. Despite Johnny Depp's many highs and lows the lessons he's taught me about life remain true to this day. Johnny Depp has been in my life a long time.  I, like most other Gen X girls, adored him from the moment he appeared in 21 Jump Street.  With my father begrudgingly … [Read more...]

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7 things Scarlett O’Hara taught me about life

On the anniversary of Gone With The Wind, I thought I'd share an updated version of this post. I am a huge fan of the book and the movie, particularly Scarlett O’Hara. So much so that I used to read essays and college thesis papers that deconstructed the novel and detailed character analyses of Scarlett! Many women, particularly feminist, would question my admiration for Scarlett O'Hara. … [Read more...]

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5 Things Star Trek Taught Me About Life

The third installment of JJ Abrams' Star Trek series lands in theaters this week and as a big fan, I am super excited. I think they have done a great job staying true to the original series, enough to satisfy most Star Trek fans, while also being creative. I think the cast was well chosen (so sad about the loss of Anton Yelchin who played Chekov), and despite some weaknesses in the stories, … [Read more...]

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5 Things Mad Men taught me about life

I started watching Mad Men about one month ago. When I commute on BART I like to watch TV shows on my iPhone. I had watched all my standby shows and was looking for another program to watch when I decided to download one episode of Mad Men to see what all the hubbub was about. And now I am hooked.  I have watched seasons 1-3 and have a season pass for season 4.  I think the show is very … [Read more...]

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5 Things Eat Pray Love Taught Me About Life

Eat, Pray Love is a book I return to often. I think a lot of travelers read it. Each time I read it I re-discover and reflect. I'd thought I would take a moment to illustrate five things that Eat Pray Love taught (or in some cases reminded) me about life. [1] Life is about Pleasure. (Chapter 21) There is a saying that goes: work to live not live to work. I thought it was a French saying, but … [Read more...]

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5 Things Sex and The City taught me about life

I'm watching Sex and The City again. Every day on BART to-and-from work.  It's something I do every year, but I am watching it now in preparation for the Sex and The City 2 movie. I did not see the show until 2006. My husband brought back the series for me from one of his business trips. He had been traveling a lot and knew I liked to watch TV series on DVD to pass the time when he was a way - … [Read more...]

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5 Things that made me realize how much I love Starbucks

There have been phases in my life where I was drinking several Starbucks a day. There have been phases when I drank none. I now have a happy balance in my life of a couple of them a week. My drink is a soy chai latte. I mix in soy lattes from time to time.  When I want a treat I go for a soy mocha. I have Starbuck Vias in just about every spot you can imagine, in case I need a cup of coffee and … [Read more...]

5 Things I Learned at the Sonoma International Film Festival

I will be doing a couple more posts about my time in Sonoma,it was my first time visiting the lovely wine sister to Napa, and I really enjoyed my trip.  In the meantime, I thought I would take a moment to highlight a few of my musings after spending four days at the Sonoma International Film Festival. [1] Running a film festival, even a small one, is like running a wedding, or five.  No matter … [Read more...]

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5 Things I Learned at CES 2010

I will have more posts on the 2010 CES show, but as I had a 30 minute break I decided to write some highlights. So here are 5 things that I learned at CES. [1] Be careful what you put out into the Universe. I always joke and say that I am "allergic" to exercise, that I break out in hives. Well, I am actually breaking out in hives from all the walking and hustling I am doing!  I would show you … [Read more...]

5 Things/Life lessons I learned watching Julie & Julia

Today is the launch of Julie & Julia on DVD and Blu-ray (read more about the details here)! This is one of my favorite movies of 2009, I thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband and I saw it while on vacation in Seattle in September. We spent the entire evening and the next couple of days discussing it. I was unaware that Julia was hardly known in France, I assumed my husband knew who she was. After … [Read more...]

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