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Secret Restaurants of Barcelona

Secret Restaurants of Barcelona

Lately, a new trend in leisure and gastronomy has appeared on the Barcelona dining scene, one with an added attraction; I’m talking about…shhh, I’m only going to whisper it…“secret” restaurants.

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Compared to a normal restaurant the upside is that you have to know them to eat there, as they don’t appear in tourist guides, nor even in local gastronomy guides. But the internet is a whole new universe and lucky you, and I have done some extensive research for you in case you happen to be staying in this beautiful city and want to surprise someone. With the secret dining locations up your sleeve, you really will be like a local!

Unfortunately, one of the most famous one secret restaurants, Don’t Tell, is now closed – total bummer!

tintoreria dontell
Now closed Tintoreria Dontell

Ode to an old classic that has gone the wayside. But fear not, there are still plenty of secret restaurants in Barcelona!


Barcelona Secret Restaurants Chi-Ton

However, the same group that manages this restaurant also runs another one called Chi-Tón (which is a word game meaning Shhh, silence.) and is hidden behind a souvenir shop at Calle de Provença, 300. It’s known for being a fine urban restaurant with creative cocktails and great fusion cuisine which they prepare in a live show.


Secret Restaurants of Barcelona
Photo credit: Fishop

In Passeig de Gràcia (number 53), behind what seems to be a “modern fish shop” there is a large sushi bar which takes you to an intimate restaurant. It’s called Fishop. They have an excellent selection of sushi in a trendy atmosphere. It tends to get mixed reviews, so hopefully, you will go on a good day!


Secret Restaurants of Barcelona Kokun
Photo credit: Kokun

For a real treat, there’s Kokun, basically an apartment in the neighborhood of Gràcia (43-2 Calle Fraternitat). Here Xavi Manero (a professional cook) and Montse (an economist) are the hosts of a group of 8-14 people –not necessarily people who know each other. Bookings are made in advance as the couple only opens their house to kindly prepare their Catalan and Basque dishes for you once a week.

Other Secret Spots

There’s a spot called Dopo, next to the pizzeria Saltimbocca (at Les Corts). It belongs to Chef Guillem Vicente, who will only include you in the group if he knows you. The entrance is a normal looking door which couldn’t be further from looking like a business entrance.

Here’s a list of resources to find other secret bars, restaurants, and terraces:

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These restaurants aren’t illegal and you don’t have to worry at all about indigestion. On the contrary, in many cases, in these hidden corners there are renowned chefs who seek to offer a more personalized and special service for people really fond of gastronomy, as well as making their clients accomplice of a certain mystery.

Bon appetit!

How about you? Have you ever eaten at a secret restaurant?

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Secret Restaurants of Barcelona

How about you? Have you ever dined in a secret restaurant?

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  1. Wow – how awesome! I love that they are naming the restaurants ‘don’t tell’ and ‘shut-up’. Thats hysterical!

    Def tweeting your fantastic post!

  2. AMAZING! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be visiting in a few months and will definitely check these out!