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Traveler Tuesday – Sara of Travel Continuum

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Traveler Tuesday

I’m really excited about today’s Traveler Tuesday interview. I have never met anyone who has such an interesting niche. Sara of Travel Continuum is a writer and editor with a varied background in the tourism industry. She’s been fortunate enough to have had some incredible adventures, like driving a 25-foot RV motorhome across the Pacific coast of Canada to observing a total eclipse of the Sun. She has a special interest in astrotourism (how COOL is that?!) and in her blog she shares her travel experiences and encourages everyone to enjoy a spot of stargazing, as well as advocating sustainable travel.

Let’s meet Sara!

Traveler Tuesday - Sara of Travel Continuum_Sara at Travel Continuum in Peru

[1] When and how did you become a traveler?
I left my first job at the age of 19 to travel with my then-partner on a month-long tour of Australia and Bali – that was it, I was hooked.

[2] What kind of traveler do you define yourself as?
Considerate, calm and full of wonder, happiest when exploring nature and culture.

[3] What do you love most about traveling?
I’ve just always had that spirit of exploration. Travelling takes me out of myself and I find it intensely rewarding.

Traveler Tuesday - Sara of Travel Continuum_Trans-Siberian Travel Continuum

[4] What do you dislike about traveling?
Worrying about loved ones back home is the main thing. In terms of the travel process itself, unexpected delays are always a pain, especially when they could impact onward arrangements – but I’ve learned to adapt and keep a flexible approach, as getting stressed won’t help or change anything.

[5] Why should people travel?
In my opinion, it’s the best education you’ll ever get.

[6] What famous person would you like to travel with?
Sir David Attenborough. I really couldn’t have chosen anybody else.

[7] Travel essentials – 3 things you always travel with.
Aside from the usual e.g. adaptors & earplugs, for me, it’s a headlamp, a reusable water bottle, and a large shawl, which as well as being a multi-functional wardrobe item, can also preserve modesty when changing in a public place and adds privacy in hostel dorm’s lower bunks.

Traveler Tuesday - Sara of Travel Continuum_Sara at Travel Continuum in Bolivia

[8] If you’re a foodie, what’s your favorite food city? Do you have a restaurant recommendation?
I do love my food – with a Spanish mother and Hungarian father, that’s almost inevitable, but I’m a very unfussy eater, so I will always find something to delight my taste buds, wherever I am!

[9] What’s one location on your bucket list?
Mars. Oh, you mean on this planet?! Right now, I’d say it’s Chile, especially with a total eclipse of the sun heading that way in 2019.

Traveler Tuesday - Sara of Travel Continuum_SW Bolivia Travel Continuum

[10] Do you have a piece of advice for bloggers starting out?
Be prepared for some very hard work – it’s far from an easy ride, but if you’re inspired and motivated enough you’ll find your place in the blogging world.

[11] What are three other blogs that inspire you?

  • First and foremost, my good friend Kathryn at Travel with Kat – her story of overcoming dyslexia and becoming one of the UK’s most respected travel bloggers is heart-warming.
  • Andrew & Emily of Along Dusty Roads always strike the right balance between great writing, humour, approachability and incredibly useful and well-thought-out guidance, and I’ve always admired them.
  • Then there’s Abi King at Inside the Travel Lab…her expressive writing sends me into raptures. While the detail is there, with Abi it’s more about the mood or the vibe of a place and her work is always thought-provoking.

Traveler Tuesday - Sara of Travel Continuum_Education via travel with Travel Continuum

Sara’s Lightning Round of Favorites

Airport: Ljubljana, for its location and pretty setting.
Mode of Transportation: By rail, there’s an eternal romance about (non-commuter!) train journeys.
City or Country: Bolivia
Travel Gear: Depends on the type of trip!
Travel snack: Raw food bars – they’re nutritious, tasty and are easy to pack.
Book: The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Movie: Contact
Song: Ramble On, by Led Zeppelin
Quote: ‘Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!’ Yuri Gagarin, first human in space.

Thanks Sara!

You can keep up with Sara on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course on her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her travel adventures!

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Traveler Tuesday Travel Blogger Interview with Sara of Travel Continuum

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