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#SahaleInspired on the Road

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SahaleInspired on the Road

I don’t think it was an accident that my first experiences with Sahale Snacks were at the airport. It was writing on the wall that I would one day become a brand ambassador!

I used to pick them up with a bottle of water (or coconut water if I was lucky) for my flight.

While airline food has come a long way, it still has miles to go. Most of the time the snacks leave something to be desired. And if you want anything partially healthy you have to pay….a lot. So I would rather bring Sahale Snacks with its exotic and interesting, natural and organic ingredients.

Now I’ve gotten smarter, not only do I bring Sahale Snacks for the flight over, I also make sure I have them for the flight home. That took me awhile to master, and it is so simple. I was always focused on getting there; I didn’t think much of getting back.

With the exception of amazing Asian airports, most international airports don’t have great options for snacks, so now I pack Sahale Snacks for the flight over and back.

Proof, here is my tray table from my return flight from Paris in November: my laptop and my 4.0z bag of Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut Bar. I love the grab and go size, but for an international flight, I need more!


Now life is a little bit different. There are less planes and a lot more road.

When preparing for our yearlong adventures on the road in our new RV, food was an important consideration, one of the most important in my book. We would be leaving the San Francisco Bay Area where good, all natural and organic food was easy to come by and we would be visiting places that are in what I would call a culinary void. (Shoot me, I’m a food snob!)

The solution? Bring the Beyond Ordinary snack with us so that we can Snack Better®!


We have lots of bags of Sahale Snacks in our cargo hold. A favorite breakfast of ours is Greek yogurt with Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut Bar. When we get those mid-afternoon munchies, or pre-dinner pangs of hunger, Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut Bar or the Mango Tango Almond Mix are our go-to.

Sahale Snacks unique blends of nuts, fruits and spices fill the gap when I am craving something spicy, sweet, and complex. There are layers of flavor in every bite. The fun part is trying to guess what they are! I am not able to get to exotic places, and Sahale Snacks brings the exotic to me.

I might also have just recently eaten a bag of Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut Bar while watching a movie marathon. Like I did Monday night when we watched the first 3 Matt Damon Bourne movies in preparation for its comeback this summer, what can I say? I love action films! I also love salty things and prefer interesting nuts to popcorn.

The biggest thing that Sahale Snacks has delivered on these past few weeks of getting acclimated on the road is saving my life. Just kidding. Not kidding. I don’t have any problems like hypoglycemia where I need to be concerned about low blood sugar. But I am just not happy girl when I don’t get to eat.

Here is an actual scenario that just happened. We were just in Kirtland, New Mexico where we spent a lot of time hiking in the Bisti/De Na Zin Wilderness.

Our first morning out was a bit of a disaster. We are generally very well organized, but that morning it was below freezing so we were a bit lazy about pulling things out of the cargo outside. We hadn’t planned our breakfast and thought we would swing by Starbucks and pick up a coffee and breakfast sandwich and head out for reconnaissance for photo spots for the rest of the week.

At 6:30 a.m. we set out and we very quickly realized that the Starbucks was inside a grocery store that didn’t offer hot sandwiches only cold, sugary pastries. The grocery store itself was not awesome, I ended up buying a turkey sandwich to have something in my stomach, but only ate half as it wasn’t that great, but it was enough to get me going.

We got to the Bisti badlands and it was awesome, so instead of just scouting we spent hours thoroughly absorbed in the hike, the awesome clouds and the unexpected photos we were getting.

NEW MEXICO-Bisti-Hoodoos

Photo credit: Sel & Poivre Photography

8:00 became 11:00 and when we got back to the car it was 12:00 and I was hungry. We had water, but no snacks because we had done a poor job of preparing.

And I should know better. This isn’t the first time we had “just gone out for an hour to do some spotting” and eight hours later start making our way back home.

I was especially frustrated because I knew I had Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut Bar and Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut Bar in my backpack in the RV!


So now after nearly starving to death, ok, maybe a little dramatic, but you ask Mr. Misadventures how pleasant I am to be around when I am hungry…I now ALWAYS have at least one Grab & Go Snack in the glove compartment, in my day pack, and in my backpack.

This photo was the next night. We were waiting for the sunset in Shiprock with no idea when we would be back to the RV for dinner. I wasn’t risking it and brought my Almond Vanilla Latte Layered Nut Bar!


With so many varieties of products, I am never bored and always #SahaleInspired.

Sahale Snacks will continue to be a constant and beloved travel companion, whether it is on the road, the hiking trail or the plane. They make life Beyond Ordinary!

How about you?
Have you tried Sahale Snacks?
What’s your favorite flavor?
What do you think would make a great flavor combination?
Do tell!

Disclosure: I am a Sahale Snacks brand ambassador and this is a sponsored post, but absolutely everything I’ve written is my honest opinion and Sahale Snacks have been a part of my life since way before I was an ambassador, the best kind of brand to work with!

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Olivine Eyes

Saturday 27th of August 2016

Those look good but most organic things are out of my budget. It seems like I can give these a try.


Saturday 6th of August 2016

These look really good.

Terry Poage

Sunday 29th of May 2016

The snacks sound great.

Linda Manns Linneman

Monday 23rd of May 2016

I have never heard of these. I will have to find some and give them a try. I love that they are easy to carry with you and that they are a healthy snack. Thank you so much for sharing these

Terry Poage

Saturday 21st of May 2016

These sound good. I have never heard of this brand.