The Best Romantic Strolls in Paris

Romantic Strolls in Paris

From Paris. With love. Photo credit: Zoltán Vörös

There is no doubt that the City of Light is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Whether you are on your honeymoon or your 50th wedding anniversary, this city will kindle a spark between you and your significant other.

Paris is romantic to start with, but there are a few neighborhoods that are more romantic than others. These neighborhoods are the perfect setting for strolls together watching the world go by and sharing your thoughts.

Try the following romantic spots to bring out the romantic in you.


Romantic Strolls in Paris - Montmartre

A romantic stroll in Montmartre.

Wander the same steep and narrow cobblestone streets that Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali once did. You can still visit Picasso’s studio or peer up at Van Gogh’s apartment in this bohemian arts district. Montmartre is still rich with art and culture; modern-day artists sell original oil paintings on the street, and there are many art galleries and shops.

Take a walk with your sweetheart up the lamp-lit steps and winding alleys, stopping at a few of the cozy little cafes along the way. When you reach the top of the hill, you can visit the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) Basilica, with its gorgeous white domes standing majestically over a long descent of steps. In the evenings, these steps are the perfect place to sit and chat while watching the sunset over Paris. There is almost always someone playing the guitar and singing, to add to the romantic atmosphere in this gorgeous part of the city.

The Seine and the Pont Des Arts

Romantic Strolls in Paris - Pont des Arts

Romantic couple in love near Pont des Arts in Paris

The Seine River meanders through the heart of the oldest part of Paris, and it is perfect for strolling with your sweetheart. Along the banks, you’ll see artists sketching or lovers embracing. You will also see the bouquinistes, the little stands along the river that sell used and antique books.

After walking along the river, stop and cross the Pont Des Arts, which you will find next to the Academie Francaise. Of all of the bridges across the Seine, it is easily the most romantic. It offers lovely views of the Ile de la Cité, and there are street musicians on the bridge to set the mood. Take a bottle of wine and some chocolate macaroons with you and sit on the bridge. You and your significant other can watch the moon’s reflection on the waters of the Seine.

The Latin Quarter

Romantic Strolls in Paris - The Latin Quarter

Couple in the Latin Quarter.

If you and your sweetheart want to share a romantic meal in Paris but don’t want to blow your budget, take a stroll to the Latin Quarter. This area of the city gets its name because it is the home of the Sorbonne University where the students would traditionally speak Latin. Because this is a student area, it’s a great place for budget travelers to find reasonably priced meals.

There is a diverse collection of restaurants in the area of Boulevard St. Michel between the Odeon and St. Andre-de-Arts, so you’ll have plenty of choices for your romantic meal. There are also cinemas that play classic films, so you can turn your Latin Quarter date into dinner and a movie. Afterward, stroll through the streets together and soak up the vibe of this vibrant part of Paris.

Monet’s Gardens at Giverny

Romantic Strolls in Paris - Giverny

It’s easy to fall in love in Giverny.

When Claude Monet passed the village of Giverny while on a train, he instantly decided to live there. He purchased a home in 1890 and created magnificent gardens where he painted many of his masterpieces.

As you stroll through these tranquil and beautiful gardens you’ll recognize the water lilies in the pond, the Japanese bridge and other famous scenes from his artwork. What could be more romantic than walking through an Impressionist painting?

These are only a few of the romantic places where you can walk with your sweetheart in Paris. Enjoy the atmosphere of the City of Light and let it rekindle your love.

How about you? What do you think the most romantic spot in Paris is?

[Photo credit Blvd St. Michel: MjYj]

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The Best Romantic Strolls in Paris





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  1. carla bonesteel says:

    What a nice list! Now, if you could only post how to make the money to actually get to France, in order to take those strolls, that would be awesome!! LOL.

  2. I can imagine the romance in Paris. I’ve never been out of the country. Love the images and pics.

  3. That’s awesome! I’ve never been anywhere exciting. Guess I’ll just have to settle living vicariously through others!

  4. rebeka deleon says:

    i would love to just go out of the country with my husband one day! i really hope we save the money to do that. we never go to go on a honeymoon!

  5. I haven’t been to Paris in 10 years but I would really love to go back.

  6. Man, Paris is definitely on my wish list of places to visit.

  7. Cristopher says:

    I love to go paris with my wife and daughter….

  8. Christina Kelbel says:

    Excellent, now I just need the s.o. and the plain ticket and I’m there 🙂

  9. I would love to visit any of these places!

  10. I took four years of high school french and hope to put it to use someday

  11. I would love to go to France.

  12. I have never been to Paris, but this article makes it sound absolutely amazing.

  13. saminder gumer says:

    havent been to paris in a long time, but last time i went it was so great. loved the architecture and beauty there.

  14. @andi i havent go to paris, what i mean is that i want to go to paris with my daughter and my wife… 🙂

  15. Mary Elaine Lagmay says:

    aw. I wanna go there with Mr. Right hihi.

  16. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    Love this ! I Shall Paris One Day Its On The Bucket List.

  17. I’m going to keep this for future reference because I do hope to visit Paris one day!

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    I wish we could afford to go to Paris. We are going to visit my mother in Las Vegas then My father in California this summer. This should be interesting cause my son has anxiety and not too sure how he’s going to react on the plane ride there. 🙂 So Maybe another year when we are both retired.

  19. Melissa Cadle says:

    I need to go to Paris one of these days! Loved the article!

  20. I so agree with Giverny! A bit of a drive from Paris but so worth it. I also think the walking the grounds of Versailles is romantic, particularly if you bring a picnic with some good wine. Eat under a tree and have a cuddly nap afterwards….

    • @MD, couldn’t agree more about Versailles – I am sure there are thousands of people who never even visit the gardens, missed completely because they are just seeing the chateau!

  21. I’ve been to Paris but it was a very short trip and I didn’t get to wander. Montmarte would be wonderful to see. And I would have loved to travel to Monet’s Garden at Giverny.

  22. Always wanted to go to Paris with the one I love but I never got there. Now I just need to find someone to love. Then I can once again think about going there.

  23. Oh, the Seine… I think no other place in the world could have such a romantic atmosphere 😉

  24. Tammi Bivans says:

    Thank you for all of the great information on Paris! I love Paris and would love to visit someday! I hope that I get the opportunity!

  25. Stacey Roberson says:

    We’ve been to Paris, and it was beautiful and romantic. We took a canal tour, which was great!

  26. Deb Dorrington says:

    Awesome post about the city of Paris, it is a wonderful and romantic city. I live in Old Montreal and that too is a beautiful city. I would love to travel to Paris one day but money just doesn’t make it affordable right now, sadly!!

  27. What a wonderful list. Thanks for posting this list. I will keep this in mind if I ever decide to visit Paris. I would love to travel to Paris but the finances just won’t allow me to do that at this point in time. Thanks again for the post. Have a lovely day!!

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