Guest-post from Road Warriorette: Business Travel Tips Part 2

Back again with guest-poster Road Warriorette for Part 2. You can catch Part 1 here, I loved the great advice.

Road Warriorette is a professional woman who travels for work, a lot, from her home base in Texas. Because of her extensive travel experience, the Road Warriorette wants to share valuable tips and tricks she has learned, in hopes to teach the world about how to be good fellow travelers.


Be comfortable while flying

  • Flat, slip on shoes are best for day of travel. They allow you to move quickly through the airport, go easily through security, and be comfortable on the plane.
  • Bring a scarf or pashmina for the plane–use as a blanket, a pillow, or whatever you need.
  • If it’s a long flight, bring an eye mask and earplugs or noise-canceling headphones so you can rest.
  • Keep a snack with you in case food is hard to find. I always bring SoyJoy and Atkins bars with me everywhere.
  • My favorite outfit for flying is slacks that are part Lycra, a cute top, flats, a cardigan, and a pashmina.
  • Transpac or trans-continental flights are a special case. Here is my article “Long Flight Comfort.”

Be considerate of your fellow passengers

  • Make sure you can lift your suitcase. Unfortunately, you can’t assume that you will have someone nearby to help put your bag in the overhead bin.
  • Listen to instructions on where to put your bag. If there are instructions given, please follow them. If you put your bag in the way it is supposed to be, more bags will be able to fit.
  • Only put your large bag in the overhead. Put your purse or briefcase under the seat in front of you, until you know for sure there will be room.
  • Don’t throw your bag in an overhead bin that is way in front of your seat if you can at all help it. It’s not courteous to the people that sit under that bin and would like to put their bags there.
  • There are many ways to share the road, and the airplane bin space. Here is my article “Airplane Etiquette: Carry-On Edition”

Thanks for all the wonderful tips!

Any folks out there traveling for business who have additional tips to add?

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  1. Robert Samuel says:

    Great tips by the Road Warriorette. My daughter hipped me to a travel pillow that supports the neck and head. It’s great for the car and I’m sure it would be great for a plane ride. 🙂