Rewards Based Doing

When I was in Chicago at SOBCon, which by the way ROCKED, I saw some exceptional presentations.

Steve Farber was very inspiring. He has written many books on leadership which have done exceptionally well (there is a reason for that) and SOBCon co-founder, Terry Starbucker praises him incessantly. When Terry says someone is brilliant…he is pretty much brilliant.

The thing that is inspiring about Steve is that he is turning his success and expertise around to help other people in a work called Greater Than Yourself (affiliate link).  It is all about taking the knowledge, experience, lessons and successes and helping someone else with their journey, it is an amazing movement. Giving back is important. No scratch that. It’s imperative.

If you follow Chris Brogan you know that there is something in the works in his house as well.  He spoke at SOBCon and alluded to the same thing. He is preparing a new educational project that will be a platform for him to give back (which he does ALL the time) and educate.

However, the one presentation that touched me the most was that of Mr. Hank Wasiak.  Hank has done a lot of things. He’s an Emmy Award winning producer and TV host; co-founder of a successful agency in New York; and he teaches at some of the most prestigious universities in the country (you can read his full bio on his site).  But the most extraordinary thing that he has done (in my opinion), and the one that touched me deeply is a self-help series called Asset Based Thinking (ABT) which teaches a mindset of approaching life in a positive manner, something I believe deeply in.

I strongly believe that is my positive outlook on life that makes me a happy person no matter what is going on.  It sounds “pollyana” but I am dead serious.  Bad things happen in everyone’s life. It is what you do in those moments that shape your life.

Of course this program makes sense for adults, a way of re-shaping their professional and personal outlook on life to achieve the results they desire.  But Hank is starting earlier.  He is also taking this program to children. He is teaching them to think positively in the first place.  Or to change the perspective of teens before they become those discontent adults.  It is an absolute fabulous program.  There are tools and videos that are available for free as well as for purchase, sold by students involved in the program.  There is a ton of information about this program on Hank’s site, I recommend you check it out.

I was thinking about this program yesterday morning while on a bike ride with my husband.  Every weekend my husband attempts to get me to go on a bike ride.  It is a beautiful ride along the water, but I just don’t like to exercise.  I can come up with a ton of reasons not to go: too cold, too windy, too tired. You name it, I’ve tried it!  I know it is good for me, and it would help with keeping the weight off since I love to eat, but that is not enough to motivate me.

So what was different about yesterday morning? Well there was a reward! You see last Thursday my company kicked-off its participation in the Global Corporate Challenge where for three months individual teams within my company wear pedometers and compete in a fitness challenge within my company and against other companies around the world.  I got talked into participating. And despite the fact that I asked if chewing could count as a sport, they still wanted me (I warned them).  So now there are people counting on me, and it’s a competition and therefore there’s a reward.

Now, I am not so delusional to think that my team has a chance (the winners last year were 5 hard-core cyclists), but there is the reward of at least giving it my best shot.  So it was an ah-hah moment yesterday when I realized I actually wanted to go biking!

Rewards Based Doing is not exactly revolutionary.  We do it every day.  I go to work and give my employer 9+ hours of my time. And they reward me with a pay check and benefits. Classic. But it was surprising to me as I woke up in the morning that I was so susceptible to this basic Pavlovian instinct, I thought I was cooler than that.  Apparently not.

In any case, I was surprised.  I tell you, biking is good for something else…and that’s for inspiring posts like this.  I have just shared my entire stream of conscious which took place during my ride.  Maybe it’s my mind’s way of keeping my thoughts occupied so that I don’t realize that I am slowly being tortured!

What about you?  Is there something you do solely because there is some kind of reward for doing it?

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  1. I think the best rewards are intrinsic: you do it because you love to do it. Like I run because I like how it makes me feel. (I know, I know). Or I write for the same reason. But I meditate because I know it’s good for me; it makes me feel good later. And I eat healthfully most of the time for the same reason–because I know I will feel better, live longer, have better skin and so on.

    • @Alisa, I see your point and I think it takes a very in-tuned person to get the benefit of their actions. I do like to eat well because of how it makes me feel, but that exercise thing – yes, I do feel good after, but it takes a lot of motivate me to do it!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and for sharing our asset-based thinking message with your readers. Love the way you think and write. Definitely of like mind. The SOBCon experience was a great one for me on many levels. Such an open minded group willing to share, help and interact. I too very much enjoyed Steve Farber’s presentation. Great insights and advice delivered with passion and real life experience and wisdom. Thanks for introducing me to the concept of Rewards Based Doing. It is the way that I am trying to life my life and very much in line with the best of asset-based thinking.

    Keep the great advice coming.

    Hank Wasiak

    • @Hank, thanks for stopping by, you are such an inspiration and the work you are doing will shape the experiences of future generations. I love what you are doing and your approach to life!

  3. I try to exercise everyday. I feel better and it sort of helps keep the weight down-I need to eat less for that to really happen.

  4. Interesting question and I’m sure I do something strictly for the reward, but can’t come up with what it is.. Unless of course it’s the reward I get from eating fabulous dark chocolate? Must be a better answer.

    I can’t wait to go look at some of the people you’ve linked to. I read Chris Brogan but hadn’t heard of the others! Thanks.

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