Reading like crazy…what’s my stop again?

I have found myself reading voraciously since I started working at my new job. With the BART ride I get a full hour's worth of reading every day, it is like a little present that was completely unexpected. This can be a problem when I am so engrossed in a book that I missed my BART stop!

The whole morning was a comedy of errors. Monday morning, my husband was on his way to drive me to work, we were driving down the street still near the house when the traffic report came on saying to avoid the Bay Bridge, so we decided he better turn around and drop me at BART. So when we got to the station I had 2 minutes to make my train.

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I ran, in my heels, carrying a plastic container of soup dangerously sloshing inside (did I put the lid on tight enough??), made it through the turnstile, and down the stairs only to see the train was running 7 minutes late…well at least I was now awake! I got on my train and settled into to read my book. I am currently reading a book on silos (see below) and it is such an easy read and so enthralling that I missed my stop!

I got off on the one before I was actually supposed to get off, Powell, I was walking towards to “out” turnstile when I noticed signs indicating which direction Nordstroms was in, when I said to myself…Nordstroms???? I soon realized what had happened, lucky before I put my ticket in the exit and turned back around. I went downstairs to catch the next train, 5 minutes later, but of course, 2 minutes after my shuttle!

I had 20 minutes to kill, so I exited BART, the correct one, and went into the Starbucks (remember the famous Starbucks from my first day, see blog entry for 7/16…) for a Tall Soy Vanilla Latte, having misread the WW points for it, I thought it was less than my Tall Soy Chai (I was wrong). I got my drink and got my shuttle and paid triple attention on the BART ride home!!!!

In 8 weeks, I have read about 10 books. But these 3 have stuck with me and I thought I would share because I know some of you out there a book freaks too!

I Can't Believe She Did That!
I got this book on the clearance rack, I liked the name! I thought that the topic did not really relate to me, but found myself being surprised that it did. This is a great read, a quick one too. I recommend it to any woman working in a professional environment.

Silos, Politics and Turf Wars
For anyone who is a fan of the One Minute Manager or Fish Sticks series, you will love this. It is another quick read, told any a story format that is easily relate-able. I love it! In fact, I wish I had read it during our anti-silo meetings, but it brought me real insight.

This is for all my friends out there interested in designer purses, etc. This book is FASCINATING! I could not put it down. It details the history of luxury brands and where the businesses started from and how they work today…riveting! I will tell you one thing, I will never look at a magazine ad again with the same eye as I did prior to reading this book!

It is amazing what books do to your mind, or at least for my mind. They transform you, make you a better person, even if you can only extract one nugget, one sentence, it is an amazing thing. The only bad thing, is that is usually leads to further book purchases!

Between my husband and I, we should own stock in Amazon and Barnes & Noble! I am trying to buy used when I can and love trading with my friends. Those I finish and don't keep I donate to libraries, used book stores, or to sailors!

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  1. do u even lend out books when you run out of space ?? 🙂


  2. Andi,

    Thanks for the invite! It is great to know that the adjustment to Dolby is going well, save a few misadventures. I really like your layout!