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My Version of Eat Pray Love


I read Eat Pray Love late. It had already been out for a while. I liked the book but didn’t care too much for the “pray” chapters. I read them, and they were okay, but the topic didn’t interest me.

And that is what I have been thinking about ever since. What would my version of the book have been?

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Don’t get me wrong. Everything is peachy-keen with Mr. Misadventures, but if I HAD to put myself into Elizabeth Gilbert’s shoes. My version would be Eat Love. See, I very nicely erased the “pray” from my version.

So the Misadventures with Andi version would look like this:

– Two months in Japan. One month in Tokyo eating every type of sushi, udon, teriyaki, and tempura item that I could get my hands on. Taking a million photos of all the incredible eye candy that is on the city streets by day and by night. The second month I would take the train through the countryside and visit Osaka, Mt. Fuji, Nagasaki, etc. I would return to Tokyo for one last night of sushi before I headed off.

– Two weeks in Hong Kong gorging myself on dim sum and noodles. Visiting the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island and shopping in the night markets.

– Two weeks in Thailand. I would stay out of Bangkok, spending only a day or two there, and would spend the rest of the time exploring less touristy parts and eating my way through many of the wonderful regional delicacies that Thailand has to offer.

– Two weeks in Vietnam. Repeat of Thailand. I would spend only a few days in Hanoi and then eat my way through the countryside.

– Two weeks in South Korea. I could stay the entire time in Seoul and eat in the night markets every night! I would visit one of my favorite museums, the Leeum (Samsung) Museum of Art. Then I would shop. I found the best-fitting clothes while staying in Korea. I never have to worry about pants being too long!

That is four months in Asia and now I am ready to hit Europe!

I would start out in Portugal and move my way west and north.

– One month in Portugal including a trip to the Azores. I would try to find very local restaurants so that I may have a chance to have some of the dishes that my grandparents used to cook. I would kayak through the wine country (at a very leisurely pace) and then eventually end up in the north of the country where I would pop over to Bilbao.

– One month in Spain. Starting in Bilbao where I would spend a week soaking in the amazing architecture and then moving to Barcelona where I would spend the remaining three weeks indulging in tapas and paella to my heart’s content.

With my remaining six months I would spend three months in France and three months in Italy.

– Three months in Italy to include one month in Rome, one month in Florence/Tuscany, two weeks on the Amalfi Coast, and two weeks in Venice.

– Three months in France. I would end my trip here. The country that has my heart. I would spend one month touring the highlights of France (Toulouse, Normandy, etc.) and the last two months in Paris eating my way through every arrondissement. I would wander the street without a real plan just soaking everything that is the city I love most in the world.

And that is how my journey would go. But what about the Love you ask? Well, have you ever seen a Barcelonian man? A Roman god? And Paris is the City of Love (and Lights). I am sure that my healthy lust for food would not fail to attract either a Spaniard, nor Italian, nor Frenchman. That is the easy part……

What would your version of Eat Pray Love be?

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    1. @Kristi, I tried to watch In Bruges and could not get past the first 20 minutes, I need to try to re-watch it.

  1. Your programme seems delightful, I think I might travel with you (especially since I have yet to discover the whole of Asia). However when in Paris, you should hop on a Thalys train and have at least a day in Brussels to indulge on the chocolate and beer that have made our reputation around the world . It’s just 75 minutes by train, shorter than what it would take you to commute from one arrondissement to the other 🙂

    I bought the E/P/L book during a trip in Canada but never finished it (I had some issues with the pray part too). However you inspired me to pick it up again and read it through this time. Thanks 🙂

    1. @Ingrid, I have spent time in Brussels and Brugge and love the moules frites! And who can refuse a Belgium beer? You are right, I will have to do a side-trip for a day!

  2. I love your travel itinerary for Eat, Love….and I would eliminate the Pray as well…that part was somewhat painful for me to read, just thinking about that! Although I think I would add some months down in Latin America, specifically Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

    As always, great post!

  3. Just discovered your site and am curious about what you found difficult about the “pray” part of this book. I read it when it first came out but don’t remember anything difficult about the chapter. At times I found the book a bit painful to read in that she seemed a bit whiney about life and a bit too self-absorbed, but I liked the process.

    1. @Felicia, I think that everyone should find their spirituality individually and what works for one person, doesn’t work for another, and spending three months in an ashram is not my idea of what I would do. So it was a bit tedious and slow for me. Having said that I have a good blogging pal who spent time in an ashram and it doesn’t make me look at her any differently, we all find our religion in our own way!

  4. Andi, we’re on the same page. I agree with you.
    Yeah, I think that instead of spending three months in an ashram she could have very well spent that time volunteering her time and skills there, instead of just focusing on her spirituality. In any case, what she did worked for her and that’s her story. She did what worked for her and what saved the book is that she didn’t become preachy about it. The book is just one example of how she got through a hurtful situation. I’m not religious at all but I am very spiritual, believe me, there’s a difference.

    1. @Felicia, I totally agree! For me religious beliefs and spirituality are very personal. I don’t judge, to each his own…just let me be with mine!

  5. It’s funny because with the exception of Bali, which I knew little about prior to reading the book, my trip would have been the same. But I love the idea of fantasizing about my own post-divorce recovery search-for-self trip….and I read the book two years after my divorce. I have misgivings about the film though. I’m not feeling confident that they really captured the experience as I interpreted it. And I so hate it when films ruin my experience of the book upon which they are based.

  6. See, I loved the pray part because I lived/worked at the largest yoga center in the world, Kripalu. So, it was a totally shared reader experience for me.

    And I’m gonna have to say that I would spend my entire year in NYC – moving from neighborhood to neighborhood (Little Italy, Chinatown, Indian Row, City Bakery) – even venturing over to Brooklyn if I felt really wild…

  7. I read the book, as a divorcee myself and struggling to define myself as a single woman. I took her journey to be just that, a journey of self-exploration. It was meant to be about her, and how she got through a difficult period. The pray part worked for me as I watched her go through an examination, not unlike people going to therapy.

    As for book to movie.. I’m just reading your post, having already finished my post for Wednesday which will be a question? What do you prefer, to read the book before the movie or after? Interesting coincidence!
    The transition is always hard to achieve and for people like me who have to read the book first there is constant comparison between the 2, the movie always suffers I think. Julie and Julia was a case where the movie simplified the story for the sake of ‘view-ability’… it worked, but the book was better!

  8. Eating— I got that down! Not a problem.
    Loving– I live in France.
    Praying– I am progressive open UCC Christian… but think that everyone can find her/ his own meaning in the world with or without classic religion. Praying can also BE eating great food. It can also be in the act of loving others. I see it as integral.

  9. I have been wanting to comment on this post for ages!!! I actually have been working on a similar post for quite some time…I think I’ll post it after I’m done posting about India. Gotta tell ya, I’m pretty psyched to see this movie–mostly because of the travel aspect haha. 😉 I love your version btw! I visted Tian Tan Buddha and it definitely did not disappoint, wow!!!

  10. For love I think u should India as well…you will not only fall in love with your dream person but with the rugged beauty of nature as well!!I would spend 2 months in Ladakh…2 months exploring Himachal Pradesh, 1 month Uttaranchal and rafting in the Ganges and another month exploring the backwaters of South..