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My Perfect Roadtrip Bag

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Today I am participating in a blog hop with a few of my closest blogging friends. You might be wondering, “What’s a blog hop?” It’s an event where bloggers get together to write content associated with a specific theme – in our case, “My Perfect Roadtrip Bag” – and YOU get to move from one blog to another reading our posts and entering to win our giveaway! More on that at the end of this post.


So, what’s in my bag? I definitely depend on what I am doing but I have had many years to refine it to practically a science! Let’s take a peek:

Andi's Roadtrip Bag

I’ll move from left to right, and here we go:

Although I don’t always use it (why bother when my hubby takes such awesome photos?), I always bring my camera, a Fujifilm X-E2, and 2 other lenses for macro food shots. I bring my laptop, my iPad (now iPad mini), my iPhone and at least one (generally two) Mophie Powerstation – these are the best and I have turned so many people on to these after I charged their dead phones for them!

Next row from the left:

I used to always have a Moleskine Notebook with me, but after my recent trip to Detroit I now carry around an American-made Shinola journal with blog cards tucked into the inner pocket, you never know who you are going to meet! I am totally anal when it comes to pens. I love Sharpie pens and have them everywhere, I am very picky about what I write with!

Those are my digital and analog recording devices next comes food and health! Hotel in-room coffee will rot your gut (or at least it does mine) so my solution for that first cup of coffee while getting ready to start my day is a Starbucks Via packet. I just make hot water with the coffee maker, add the powder, and voila!

Next to that are two of my francophile staples. Cans of sardines and Vichy pastilles. Mr. Misadventures and I love sardines and I can’t tell you how many times they have saved us when we were on the run and arriving at our hotel late at night, or finding ourselves on a southwestern road with only fast food joints to choose from. These little guys are delicious and so easy to pack. Vichy pastilles are mints made from the Vichy thermal spa waters. They are said to also have digestive properties as well. My mother-in-law lives in Vichy and sends them by the kilo!

Next, I have an assortment of bars: Luna, Clif, Kind. These can be (and often are) a substitute for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner! I have been saved from starvation so many times by these little guys!

Lastly, are two items I always have on me. I have them in every bag, my office, my car, everywhere! An old friend who doesn’t blog anymore (I seem to have more and more of those lately) turned me onto digestive enzymes about six years ago and they have totally changed my life. From over-indulging to bad food, to fried food, traveling (or just normal everyday eating) can be hard on the stomach and I take Rainbow Light Advanced Enzymes at every meal and sometimes in between. I also carry a French over-the-counter medicine called efferalgan which does wonders for my migraines.

So that’s it. The contents of my road trip bag! Now let’s do some hopping!

The wall organizer stores 5 credit cards and a passport. A zippered mesh pocket is also included. The RFID blocking technology prevents identity theft by stopping readers from picking up personal data from your ID, credit cards, and passport. The backside includes a zippered pocket to store your smartphone and other small objects. The back and straps are padded for extra comfort. There is one water bottle pocket on the side.

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