My favorite drinks around the world

I have written about my sandwich travels as well as some of my favorite foods, I thought it was time to detail some of my favorite drinks from around the world.


These fall into two categories: drinks that I love from places that I have traveled; and drinks that I love from places I have not yet been to. I can imagine that most people have a similar list, and I would love to hear about it!

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Let me share mine.

My favorite drinks that I love from places that I have traveled:

Panaché – France: When traveling in France, Mr. Misadventures and I drink these like water. It is a light beer mixed with limonade (French-style lemonade), which is lemon-flavored soda or soda water. It is quite refreshing and I can't seem to find anyone who knows how to make one in the U.S. There is one exception of a French restaurant in San Francisco called Fringale. I have only been there once and they had 1776 beer which they made from and it was good.

The problem is you can describe it, but without knowing the appropriate percentages of beer to lemonade, then it is difficult to instruct a bartender to make it. Also, you have to have the right kind of lemonade. Until I learn the secret, I will just have to enjoy these only in France!

Umeshu Plum liqueur – Japan: This is not plum wine, but rather the liqueur made from soaking unripe ume plums in sugar and shochu. It is served on the rocks (the way I like it) or with soda water (a good second choice) and is very good. To me, it is not as sweet as wine. I have a hard time finding it in stores here in the U.S. I have had it a few times in Japanese restaurants but I always get the best variety when I visit Tokyo.

Dirty martini – Florence: Unlike the two drinks above, this is one not specific to a country or to a city but one particular bar. And that would be Harry's Bar in Florence. Harry's is most famous for its location in Venice, where they are known for its dry martini. But it's Harry's in Florence that has my heart. I like dirty martinis, very dirty martinis. And when you order one at Harry's they serve you the drink with a small pitcher of extra olive juice on the side, that way you can make it as dirty as you want. It is an amazing extra touch that I have never seen before and it is something I will never forget, and quite often crave!

J'adore - Cool Things for Hot Sleepers

Cinsault – Healdsberg, CA: I do love wine, mainly reds, and although I am married to a Frenchman and I am an admitted francophile, I have to confess my very favorite wine is from California. (Watch Bottleshock, I wouldn't be the first to choose CA over FR!) And while Cinsault is from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France (plus parts of Algeria and Morocco), the best I have ever had, and my favorite wine of all time is the Cinsault from Preston of Dry Creek in Healdsburg, California. On top of that, it's organic, a bonus!

Those are my favorite drinks from places I have been.

Favorite drinks that I love from places I have not been:

Mojito – Cuba: Have not been to Cuba, or its fraternal twin Miami (!) but I really love a good mojito with fresh ingredients. I have had very good ones in several places in the world: Paris (somewhere near Bastille); Barcelona, and the Caribbean, but not the real deal. Andi Perullo has pretty much convinced me that I must go there, and so Mr. Misadventures and I are seriously contemplating it. Andi has even detailed what seems to be one of the easiest ways to get there – Mexico!

Caipirinha – Brazil: Hmm, I made need Andi to just take me around South America to drink, because, after Buenos Aires, Brazil is her second favorite place to go. I only very recently tried a Caipirinha and was hooked, and very tipsy after two! Mr. Misadventures and I met friends at a great Brazilian restaurant in San Francisco called, Espetus. The meal was exceptional, but that drink really stood out!

Bubble tea – Taiwan: I know all the rest of the drinks in this post have been alcoholic (believe it or not, I am not actually a big drinker, seriously, total light-weight!), but there is one other drink that has to be on my list of favorites and that is bubble tea, also called pearl tea. If it were not for the fact that I would be 500 pounds, I would drink these all day long! There is nothing yummier and I crave these quite often! Luckily, since I started working in the city two-plus years ago, I no longer have easy access to obtaining them or I might just be that 500 pounds!

How about you? Got a favorite drink from somewhere else in the world?

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  1. I don’t really drink dirty martinis – but I do like that touch. I hear a lot of various reports from people on dirty martinis from the same bars…some tell me they’re great at a bar…while someone else tells me they’re just okay at the same bar. So, I think this little extra pitcher of juice might solve this problem!

    1. @Forest, I completely agree, this is very subjective, so putting the responsibility on the drinkee makes it a nice touch, but also makes them responsible for the drink’s quality! Thanks for chiming in! Of course, you are the expert!

  2. Katherina says:

    Yes! Well, my very favorite drink from a place I have been is Pacharán (from the north of Spain)… and my favorite one from a place I haven’t visited yet is Pisco Sour from Peru !! (I’m even in search of bars that serve Pisco anywhere in the World… it’s some kind of obsession). Is it normal to decide for your next destination based on its food and drinks? Because I think I’ve done so…!

    1. @Katherina, I have traveled for food, why not drink 😉

  3. Danee Gilmartin says:

    This is such a fun post! My favorite drink was in Medellin, Colombia- I had a beer and they squeezed about 5 limes and a ton a salt into the glass- it was great!

    1. @Danee, oh you shouldn’t tease like that…that sounds divine!

  4. Christine says:

    When I bartended in Nice, France, we made plenty of panaches: it’s half beer, half Sprite! They call light sodas like Sprite or 7Up limonade there. It’s about an even ratio between the two–enjoy!

    1. @Christine, have I told you lately how much I love you? I am going to try that this weekend!

  5. What a great list but where’s the whisky?

    1. @Ryan, I think I need to come try it with a real Scotman, any volunteers?

  6. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures says:

    Awww thanks for the awesome shout out my dear!!! Mojitos and caipirinhas ahhhhhh talk about heaven in glasses. If I was forced to choose my fave I would have to say the mojito. But my fave drink of all time will always be champagne! 😉

    PS I would LOVE to take you around Latin America. LOVE!!!

    1. @AndiP, when are we going 😉

  7. In all the time I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve never thought to ask – have you ever been to Oklahoma?

    1. @Jen, not to my knowledge, just a drive through, but I am planning on coming just to see you!